“Ism,” in general terms describes a practice that denotes oppression of a group based on the characteristics of its members: racism, sexism, and ageism, are the three types most commonly identified. “Isms” often impose limits on people, and while we have been aware of those limits at the macro level, we have been less aware of acts that happen at the level of the individual, the micro level. These acts, which are frequently heard and seen in the media, have personal, occupational, and health implications for those affected by them. The purpose of this paper is to raise awareness about the issue of racial microaggression and, from occupational therapy and occupational science perspectives, explore how it impacts engagement in valued occupations, wellness, and health. This paper aims to encourage scientific discourse among practitioners, students, and educators so that we can truly be client-centered and culturally effective advocates for inclusion and participation in life.



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