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Winter 12-10-2023


Anthropogenic Impacts / Conservation


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The empty cast net

This photo was taken during one of the field trips for my thesis in the Uramba Bahía Málaga National Park in Colombia. When we go looking for sharks, the fishers use cast nets for fishing for bait, but this is something they have to do almost every day for their routine chores. The cast nets are very efficient when shoals of sardines are in the area, however, in the last couple of years, those big shoals that used to be very common during some seasons, have disappeared. Although no studies are being carried out to investigate the reasons for their disappearance, it might be due to overfishing in other areas or climate change. This is a reminder that anthropogenic pressures do not only affect the animals, but also human communities that rely solely on fishing to live.


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Canon EOS 650D


Life Sciences | Marine Biology


overfishing, fisherman, cast net, artisanal fisher

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