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Mangroves are an essential ecosystem in Florida. Their high level of biodiversity creates the perfect environment for all stages of life and supports the surrounding ecosystems. Their roots stabilize and protect shorelines against erosion and other destructive forces such as hurricanes and storm surges. They also absorb toxic nutrients improving water quality and quality of life all organisms depend on. For example, they can capture carbon from Earth's atmosphere, slowing climate change contributing to some of Florida's worst environmental disasters.

This small area depicted in the photo I took today is located on the Boynton Beach Inlet. This area is highly trafficked by boats and humans, resulting in an overwhelming amount of trash choking the mangroves. Even though this area receives a lot of attention, none of that attention is put towards mangrove care. I chose this photo because mangroves are often overlooked and are an ecosystem vital for Florida's survival.

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Brooke Campbell


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