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Winter 2-26-2021




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Low Current is an embroidery and multimedia piece I created from a photograph I took in February on the Yellow Brick Road dive site in Hollywood, Florida. Porcupine fish will lie still intertwined withing the soft corals and hide from predation to rest. They ebb and flow with the surge in a zen-like state. The fish are embroidered on blue tulle with golden tulle fins. Many embroidery techniques including french knots, satin stitches, and applique were used on the fish. The soft corals are composed of two types of yarn, one traditional thinner wool, the other a shammy-type thick yarn, traditionally used for baby blankets.

Camera Specifications

GoPro7 Black for reference photo, Nikon D3200 for photo of piece


Life Sciences | Marine Biology

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Porcupinefish, corals, soft corals, camouflage

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