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Download Session 1-01: A New Caribbean Reef Model: A View From Ye Shoulders of Giants (367 KB)

Download Session 1-02: Response of Acropora to Warm Climates: Lessons From the Geological Past (315 KB)

Download Session 1-03: Enigmatic Coral Rock Pillars - Another Look into Reef Dynamics (393 KB)

Download Session 1-04: Cenozoic Evolution of Larger Benthic Foraminifers: Paleoceanographic Evidence for Changing Habitats (252 KB)

Download Session 1-05: Environmental Factors Controlling Community Structure, Morphology and Linear Extension of Mid-Holocene Reef Corals from Cañada Honda, Southwestern, Dominican Republic (229 KB)

Download Session 1-06: Results of Long-Term Bioerosion Study: Belize Patch Reefs (241 KB)

Download Session 1-07: Reef Slope Failure in the Northeastern Corner of Male, Maldives (475 KB)

Download Session 1-08: Real-Time Coral Stress Observations Before, During, and After Beach Renourishment Dredging Offshore SE Florida (501 KB)

Download Session 1-09: The R/V Alpha Helix Expedition: A Retrospective Analysis of a Milestone in Coral Reef Research (217 KB)

Download Session 1-10: Holocene Reef Accretion Along the North Side of Bahia Enriquillo (Western Dominican Republic): Unique lnsights Into Patterns of Reef Development in Response to Sea-Level Rise (406 KB)

Download Session 2-01: Shallow Seismic Profiling Survey on Postglacial Fore-Reef Near the Present-Day Northern Limit of Coral Reef Formation in the Northwestern Pacific (1.2 MB)

Download Session 3-01: The Darwin Point: A Conceptual and Historical Review (111 KB)

Download Session 3-02: Effects of Ocean Acidification and Increased Temperature on Skeletal Growth of Two Scleractinian Corals, Pocillopora meandrina and Porites rus (188 KB)

Download Session 3-03: Remote Sensing of Changes in Carbonate Production on Coral Reefs: The Florida Keys (224 KB)

Download Session 3-04: Fine Banding in the Septa of Corals (642 KB)

Download Session 3-05: Mineral Phase of COCs and Fibers in Coral Skeletons (379 KB)

Download Session 4-01: Applications of the SEDCON and FORAM Indices on Patch Reefs in Biscayne National Park, FL, USA (335 KB)

Download Session 4-02: The Significance of Geochemical Proxies in Corals, Does Size (Age) Matter? (275 KB)

Download Session 4-03: Opposed Trend of Skeletal Carbon Isotopic Ratios Found in Two Different Coral Species Collected From the Same Site: Genus-Dependent Responses (401 KB)

Download Session 4-04: U/Ca As a Possible Proxy of Carbonate System in Coral Reef (293 KB)

Download Session 4-05: Using Nearshore Macrobenthos as Environmental Indicators Adjacent to a Major Navigational Inlet: Port Everglades Inlet, Florida (285 KB)

Download Session 4-06 Coral Rare Earth Element Tracers of Terrestrial Exposure in Nearshore Corals of the Great Barrier Reef (219 KB)

Download Session 5-01: Environmental Controls on the Establishment and Development of Algal Symbiosis in Corals (195 KB)

Download Session 5-02: Does the Coral Host Protect its Algal Symbionts From Heat and Light Stresses? (180 KB)

Download Session 5-03: Measuring Symbiodinium sp. Gene Expression Patterns with Quantitative Real-Time PCR (247 KB)

Download Session 5-04: High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Analysis of Photosynthetic Pigments in Corals: An Existence of a Variety of Epizoic, Endozoic and Endolithic Algae (893 KB)

Download Session 5-05: Unravelling Coral Photoacclimation: Symbiodinium Strategy and Host Modification (282 KB)

Download Session 5-06: Assessing Ultraviolet Radiation-Induced DNA Damage and Repair in Field-Collected Aiptasia pallida Using the Comet Assay (182 KB)

Download Session 5-07: Induced Bleaching of Stylophora pistillata by Darkness Stress and Its Subsequent Recovery (194 KB)

Download Session 5-08: Thermal Stress Increases Oxidative DNA Damage in Coral Cell Aggregates (613 KB)

Download Session 5-09: Feeding Corals in Captivity: Uptake of Four Artemia-Based Feeds by Galaxea fascicularis (195 KB)

Download Session 5-10: Differential Expression of Soluble and Membrane-Bound Proteins in Soft Corals (Cnidaria: Octocorallia) (363 KB)

Download Session 5-11: Practical Applications of Contaminant-Free Symbiodinium Cultures Grown on Solid Media (214 KB)

Download Session 5-12: Differences in the Distribution of Symbiodinium spp. Among Morphotypes and Genotypes of Porites panamensis from the Gulf of California, Mexico (113 KB)

Download Session 6-01: Reference Gene Selection for qRT-PCR Analysis of the Hawaiian Coral Pocillopora meandrina Subjected to Elevated Levels of Temperature and Nutrient (187 KB)

Download Session 7-01: Coral Health and Disease Assessment in the U.S. Pacific Territories and Affiliated States (152 KB)

Download Session 7-02: White Band Syndromes in Acropora cervicornis Off Broward County, Florida: Transmissibility and Rates of Skeletal Extension and Tissue Loss (641 KB)

Download Session 7-03: Ultrastructural and Histological Analysis of Dark Spot Syndrome in Siderastrea siderea and Agaricia agaricites (1.1 MB)

Download Session 7-04: The Unknowns in Coral Disease Identification: An Experiment to Assess Consensus of Opinion Amongst Experts (1.4 MB)

Download Session 7-05: Coral and Crustose Coralline Algae Disease on the Reefs of American Samoa (191 KB)

Download Session 7-06: Inoculation of Vibrio spp. Onto Montastraea faveolata Fragments to Determine Potential Pathogenicity (265 KB)

Download Session 7-07: A Survey of Vibrios Associated with Healthy and Yellow Band Diseased Montastrea faveolata (356 KB)

Download Session 7-08: Development of a Novel Method for Coral RNA Isolation and the Expression of a Programmed Cell Death Gene in White Plague-Diseased Diploria strigosa (Dana, 1846) (640 KB)

Download Session 7-09: Relative Role of Disease and Predators as Drivers of Decline in Coral Cover on the Great Barrier Reef (203 KB)

Download Session 7-10: Significance of Immune Responses in Diadema antillarum to Caribbean-Wide Mass Mortality (302 KB)

Download Session 7-11: The Future of Coral Reefs in the US Virgin Islands: Is Acropora palmata More Likely to Recover than Montastrea annularis Complex? (201 KB)

Download Session 7-12: Black Band Disease upon the Reefs of Los Cayos Cochinos, Honduras (819 KB)

Download Session 7-13: Coral Yellow Band Disease; Current Status in the Caribbean, and Links to New Indo-Pacific Outbreaks (150 KB)

Download Session 8-01: Role of the Coral Surface Microbiota in Disease: An in situ Test Using the Gorgonia-Aspergillus Pathosystem (266 KB)

Download Session 8-02: PCR-based Assay for Detection of Four Coral Pathogens (178 KB)

Download Session 8-03: Coral-Associated Ammonium Oxidizing Crenarchaeota and Their Role in the Coral Holobiont Nitrogen Cycle (172 KB)

Download Session 8-04: Coral Mucus Bacteria as a Source for Antibacterial Activity (177 KB)

Download Session 8-05: δ13C and δ15N Values for Branching Corals in the Berau Marine Conservation Area in East Kalimantan, Indonesia (493 KB)

Download Session 8-06: Reef Building Coral Goniastrea aspera Harbor a Novel Filamentous Cyanobacterium in Their Skeleton (413 KB)

Download Session 8-07: From Bacterial Bleaching to the Hologenome Theory of Evolution (164 KB)

Download Session 9-01: Dimethylsulfoniopropionate is Linked to Coral Spawning, Fish Abundance and Squid Aggregations Over a Coral Reef (195 KB)

Download Session 9-03: Are Tropical Herbivores More Tolerant of Chemically Rich Seaweeds Than Are Temperate Herbivores? A Test of Seaweed-Herbivore Coevolution (190 KB)

Download Session 10-01: Variation in Social Foraging by Fishes Across a Coral Reef Landscape (183 KB)

Download Session 10-02: Factors Influencing Coral Recruitment Patterns in the Sulu Sea Marine Corridors (2.2 MB)

Download Session 10-03: Differences in Coral-Reef Fish Assemblages Between Mangrove-Rich and Mangrove Poor Islands of Honduras (362 KB)

Download Session 10-04: Effects of Hurricane John (2006) on the Invertebrates Associated with Corals in Bahia de La Paz, Gulf of California (168 KB)

Download Session 10-05: Carry-Over Effects - The Importance of a Good Start (193 KB)

Download Session 10-06: Reef Communities in the Dry Tortugas (Florida, USA): Baseline Surveys for the New No-take Area (1.3 MB)

Download Session 10-07: Physiological Performance of Giant Clams (Tridacna spec.) in a Recirculation System (516 KB)

Download Session 10-08: Secondary Succession of Coral Reef Communities at Urasoko Bay, Ishigaki Island, the Ryukyus (Southern Japan) (650 KB)

Download Session 10-09: Scleractinian Coral Recruitment to Reefs Physically Damaged by Ship Groundings (305 KB)

Download Session 10-10: Underestimated Eroder among Reef Fishes – Experimental Comparison between Ctenochaetus striatus and Acanthurus nigrofuscus (Acanthuridae) (322 KB)

Download Session 10-11: Differential Effect of Early Post-Settlement Processes on the Abundance of Two Concurrently Settling Coral Reef Fishes (202 KB)

Download Session 10-12: Fish Mesograzers as Gatekeepers of the Species Composition of Coral Reefs (359 KB)

Download Session 10-13: Comparison of Sedimentation in Bays and Reefs below Developed versus Undeveloped Watersheds on St. John, US Virgin Islands (498 KB)

Download Session 11-01: Spatial Patterns of Reproductive Synchrony by Four Genera of Tropical Green Seaweed Across a Latitudinal Gradient in the Caribbean (180 KB)

Download Session 11-02: The Effects of Temperature and Light on the Gametogenesis and Spawning of Four Sea Urchin and One Sea Cucumber Species on Coral Reefs in Kenya (344 KB)

Download Session 11-03: Survival of Brooding and Broadcasting Reef Corals Following Large Scale Disturbances: Is There Any Hope for Broadcasting Species During Global Warming? (194 KB)

Download Session 11-04: Multi-Specific Coral Spawning in Spring and Autumn in Far North-Western Australia (156 KB)

Download Session 11-05: Sexual Reproduction in the Soft Coral Lobophytum sp. in Tung Ping Chau Marine Park, Hong Kong SAR, China (296 KB)

Download Session 11-06: Lunar Periodicity of Larval Release and Larval Development of Pocillopora damicornis in Thailand (252 KB)

Download Session 11-07: Light Sensing and the Coordination of Coral Broadcast Spawning Behavior (410 KB)

Download Session 12-01: The Effects of Habitat on Coral Resistance and Resilience to Bleaching (162 KB)

Download Session 12-02: Reef Resilience and Change 1998-2007, Alphonse Atoll, Seychelles (251 KB)

Download Session 12-03: Responses of Coral Hosts and Their Algal Symbionts to Thermal Heterogeneity (236 KB)

Download Session 12-04: Tolerance, Refuge and Recovery of Coral Communities to Thermal Bleaching: Evidence from Reefs of the Seychelles (258 KB)

Download Session 12-05: What is the Future for Extensive Areas of Reef Impacted by Fish Blasting and Coral Bleaching and Now Dominated by Soft Corals? A Case Study from Malaysia (212 KB)

Download Session 13-01: The Maintenance of Reef Islands (260 KB)

Download Session 14-01: Coral Recruits to Settlement Plates at Remote Locations in the U.S. Pacific (187 KB)

Download Session 14-02: Indirect Evidences on the Connectivity of Coral Reefs of the Gulf of Mexico and the Mexican Caribbean (166 KB)

Download Session 14-03: Using Ichthyoplankton Distribution in Selecting Sites for an MPA Network in the Sulu Sea, Philippines (569 KB)

Download Session 14-04: Genetic Structure of the Scleractinian Coral, Pocillopora damicornis, From the Mexican Pacific (156 KB)

Download Session 14-05: Southeast African, High Latitude Coral Communities, a Canary for Western Indian Ocean Coral Reefs? (220 KB)

Download Session 14-06: Connectivity of Queen Conch, Strombus gigas, Populations From Mexico (1.4 MB)

Download Session 14-07: Genetic Variation in Two Morphotypes of Porites panamensis from the Gulf of California, Mexico (168 KB)

Download Session 14-08: Genetic Structure of the Massive Coral Porites panamensis (Anthozoa: Scleractinia) from the Mexican Pacific (227 KB)

Download Session 14-09: How Do Swimming Ability and Behaviour Affect the Dispersal of Coral Larvae (192 KB)

Download Session 14-11: Variation in Coral Recruitment on Fijian Reefs (589 KB)

Download Session 15-01: Experimental Characterization of the Water Exchanges with Ocean in a Macro-Tidal Intermittently Open Lagoon Bounded by Semi-Submerged Coral Reef (458 KB)

Download Session 15-02: Characterization of Biologically Significant Hydrodynamic Anomalies on the Florida Reef Tract (1.5 MB)

Download Session 15-03: Influence of Florida Current Frontal Eddies on Circulation and Fish Recruitment Around the Florida Keys Reef Tract (664 KB)

Download Session 15-04: Use of the Coral-sel Technique in the Study of Small Scale Water Flow Environments on Coral Growth (339 KB)

Download Session 15-05: ASTER Bathymetry in Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulation of Rongelap Atoll Hydrodynamics, Marshall Islands (396 KB)

Download Session 15-06: Reef Rip Current Generated by Tide and Wave during Summer Season: Field Observation Conducted in Yoshiwara Coast, Ishigakijima, Okinawa, Japan (365 KB)

Download Session 16-01: Using Cellular Diagnostics to Link Land-Based Sources of Pollution with Coral Reef Degradation in South Florida (265 KB)

Download Session 16-02: Area-Calibrated Automation of Coral Classification for Near And Subsurface Reef Videos (279 KB)

Download Session 16-03: Large Scale Coral Mortality in Barbados: A Delayed Response to the 2005 Bleaching Episode (189 KB)

Download Session 16-04: Mapping Reef Structure and Bathymetry in Belize Using Cobra-Tac (445 KB)

Download Session 16-05: Advancing Spatial-Temporal Continuity in Coral Reef Ecosystem Pattern Detection: The Morphology, Distribution and Chemical Environments of Coral Habitats Encompassing Coiba National Park, Panama (265 KB)

Download Session 16-06: Is Sponge Bioerosion Increasing? (77 KB)

Download Session 16-07: The Semantic Reef: A Hypothesis-Based, Eco-Informatics Platform to Support Automated Knowledge Discovery for Remotely Monitored Reef Systems (143 KB)

Download Session 16-08: GBROOS – An Ocean Observing System for the Great Barrier Reef (142 KB)

Download Session 16-09: Ecological Forecasting for Coral Reef Ecosystems (139 KB)

Download Session 16-10: Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Resurvey Bonaire: A New Tool for Coral Reef Management (969 KB)

Download Session 16-11: The Instrumental Architecture of a Coral Reef Early Warning System (CREWS) Station (105 KB)

Download Session 16-12: CoralWatch - A Flexible Coral Bleaching Monitoring Tool for You and Your Group (283 KB)

Download Session 16-13: Testing the Generality of Acoustic Cue Use at Settlement in Larval Coral Reef Fish (149 KB)

Download Session 16-14: A Glimpse of the Florida Area Coastal Environment (FACE) Program (575 KB)

Download Session 16-15: Coral Reef Information System (CoRIS): A One Stop Shop for Coral Information (184 KB)

Download Session 16-16: Biological and Physical Characteristics of a Mesophotic Coral Reef: Black Jack Reef, Vieques, Puerto Rico (329 KB)

Download Session 16-17: Colored Dissolved Organic Material Increases Resiliency of Coral Reefs by Controlling Exposure to UVR (251 KB)

Download Session 16-18: Second-Generation Landscape Mosaics of Coral Reefs (2.6 MB)

Download Session 16-19: The Light and Motion Sensor Program: Low Cost Coral Reef Monitoring (553 KB)

Download Session 16-20: COREweb, a Web-Based Information Management Solution for Experimental Data from the Field of Coral Reef Ecology (975 KB)

Download Session 17-01: Monitoring Coral Reefs in Optically-Deep Waters (385 KB)

Download Session 17-02: GIS Derived Spatial Analysis as a Tool to Predict Nearshore Coral Reef Fish Species Presence in American Samoa (235 KB)

Download Session 17-03: An Investigation of Coral Reef Fish Assemblage Modelling with Geostatistical Methods (278 KB)

Download Session 17-04: Changes in Spectral Reflectance in Response to Salinity Variation in Siderastrea radians from Florida Bay, Florida USA (399 KB)

Download Session 17-05: Single-Beam Acoustic Remote Sensing for Coral Reef Mapping (358 KB)

Download Session 17-06: NASA Airborne AVIRIS and DCS Remote Sensing of Coral Reefs (453 KB)

Download Session 17-07: An Investigation of Seagrass Patterns at Alphonse Atoll, Seychelles: Linking Structure to Function in Marine Landscapes (318 KB)

Download Session 17-08: A Pan-Sharpening Method for Satellite Image-Based Coral Reef Monitoring with Higher Accuracy (742 KB)

Download Session 17-09: Remote Sensing for Studies of the Spatial Distribution of Coral Reef Fishes (194 KB)

Download Session 17-10: Pre-Processing 2005 AVIRIS Data for Coral Reef Analysis (921 KB)

Download Session 17-11: Habitat Mapping in the Farasan Islands (Saudi Arabia) Using CASI and QuickBird Imagery (373 KB)

Download Session 17-12: Status and Monitoring the Health of Coral Reef Using Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing - A Case Study of Pirotan Coral Reef Island, Marine National Park, Gulf of Kachchh, Gujarat, India (249 KB)

Download Session 17-13: Comparison of in situ Temperature Data from the Southern Seychelles with SST Data: Can Satellite Data Alone Be Used to Predict Coral Bleaching Events? (252 KB)

Download Session 17-14: A Model Framework for Predicting Reef Fish Distributions Across the Seascape Using GIS Topographic Metrics and Benthic Habitat Associations (473 KB)

Download Session 17-15: Seaflor Characterization Using Multibeam and Optical Data at French Frigate Shoals, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (571 KB)

Download Session 17-16: Comparing Semi-Automated Methods for Classifying Multibeam SoNAR & Airborne LiDAR Imagery (341 KB)

Download Session 17-17: Assessing the Distribution of Patch Reef Morphologies in the Lower Florida Keys, US (506 KB)

Download Session 18-01: Macroalgal Distribution in a Mexican Caribbean Reef (254 KB)

Download Session 18-02: Mapping Bottom Features of the Site Selected for the Underwater Observatory in Sharm el Sheikh (South Sinai, Egypt) (592 KB)

Download Session 18-03: Distribution, Abundance and Volume of Xestospongia muta at Selected Sites in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (244 KB)

Download Session 18-04: Impacts of Coastal Development on Ecosystem Structure and Function of Yacatan Coral Reefs, Mexico (248 KB)

Download Session 18-05: Was the 1998 Coral Bleaching in the Southern Seychelles a Catastrophic Disturbance? - 1999-2006 Reef Fish Responses to Coral Substrate Changes (295 KB)

Download Session 18-06: Cozumel Island, Mexico: A Disturbance History (202 KB)

Download Session 18-07: Population Status of the Urchin Diadema antillarum in the Florida Keys 25 Years After the Caribbean Mass Mortality (235 KB)

Download Session 18-08: Coral Reef Monitoring for the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and Tobago (526 KB)

Download Session 18-09: Ecological Patterns and Status of the Reefs of Sudan (272 KB)

Download Session 18-10: The Jamaica Coral Reef Monitoring Network (JCRMN) (197 KB)

Download Session 18-11: Coral Bleaching Mortality and Resilience at Stetson Bank, a High Latitude Coral Community in the Gulf of Mexico (601 KB)

Download Session 18-12: Spatial and Temporal Recovery Patterns of Coral Reefs Within the Gulf of Oman (United Arab Emirates) Following the 2007 Cyclone Disturbance (157 KB)

Download Session 18-13: Bathymetric Distribution of the Benthic Marine Flora in Chemuyil, Mexico (473 KB)

Download Session 18-14: Continued Degradation of Tobago's Coral Reefs Linked to the Prevalence of Coral Disease Following the 2005 Mass Coral Bleaching Event (172 KB)

Download Session 18-15: Small-Scale Variations in the Effects of Coral Bleaching in Rodrigues (162 KB)

Download Session 18-16: Impacts of Non-Point Source Sewage Pollution on Elkhorn Coral, Acropora palmata (Lamarck), Assemblages of the Southwestern Puerto Rico Shelf (245 KB)

Download Session 18-17: Coral Reef Habitat Around New Providence Island, Bahamas (176 KB)

Download Session 18-18: Comparison of Benthic Communities on Six Coral Reefs in the Veracruz Reef System (Mexico) (209 KB)

Download Session 18-19: A Photographic Method for Analyzing Areal Chlorophyll and Bleaching Status of the Coral Stylophora pistillata (247 KB)

Download Session 18-20: Demographic Comparison of Threatened Elkhorn Coral, Acropora palmata, in the Caribbean: A Case Study in Successful Volunteer Partnerships in a Regional-Scale Monitoring Program (344 KB)

Download Session 18-21: The Effects of Hurricane-Deposited Mud on Coral Communities in Florida (396 KB)

Download Session 18-22: Population Status of Acropora Corals in the Florida Keys (229 KB)

Download Session 18-23: Observations of a Red Sea Fringing Coral Reef under Extreme Environmental Conditions (484 KB)

Download Session 18-24: Occupancy Models for Estimating the Size of Reef Fish Communities (208 KB)

Download Session 18-25: Long-Term Changes in Taxonomic Distinctness and Trophic Structure of Reef Fishes at Cabo Pulmo Reef, Gulf of California (228 KB)

Download Session 18-26: Post-Hurricane Assessment (Hurricane Rita, September 2005) and Recovery at the East Flower Garden Bank, Northwestern Gulf of Mexico (771 KB)

Download Session 18-27: Stony Coral Species Diversity and Cover in the Florida Keys Using Design-Based Sampling (224 KB)

Download Session 18-28: Patterns in Southeast Florida Coral Reef Community Composition (180 KB)

Download Session 18-29: Organisms Associated with Live Scleractinian Corals as Indicators of Coral Reef Status in the Wakatobi Marine National Park (SE Sulawesi, Indonesia) (314 KB)

Download Session 18-30: Elkhorn Coral Distribution and Condition throughout the Puerto Rican Archipelago (200 KB)

Download Session 18-31: The Prevalence of Skeletal Growth Anomaly and Other Afflictions in Scleractinian Corals at Wai‘ōpae, Hawai‘i (277 KB)

Download Session 18-32: Distrubance and Recovery of Mangrove Forests and Macrobenthic Communities in Andaman Sea, Thailand Following the Indian Ocean Tsunami (679 KB)

Download Session 18-33: Rapid Recovery From Bleaching Events - Fiji Coral Reef Monitoring Network Assessment of Hard Coral Cover From 1999-2007 (650 KB)

Download Session 18-34: Socioeconomic Monitoring (SocMon) as a Tool in the Management of Marine Protected Areas: Participatory Process and Initial Survey Results in Binduyan Fish Sanctuary, Palawan, Philippines (237 KB)

Download Session 18-35: Reefs at Risk in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia - Status and Outlook (601 KB)

Download Session 18-36: Response of Caribbean Reefs to Repeated Stress Events (139 KB)

Download Session 18-37: New Insights into the Exposure and Sensitivity of Coral Reefs to Ocean Warming (203 KB)

Download Session 18-38: Status of Coral Reefs in Post-Tsunami Period in Andaman & Nicobar Islands (241 KB)

Download Session 18-39: Invertebrates, Communities, and Reef Health in Airai, The Republic of Palau (106 KB)

Download Session 18-40: Examination of Algal Diversity and Benthic Community Structure at Palmyra Atoll, U.S. Line Islands (265 KB)

Download Session 18-41: Assessment of Resilience in Montastrea faveolata Inside and Outside of a Marine Park (77 KB)

Download Session 18-42: Decline of Crinoids on the Reefs of Curacao and Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles (133 KB)

Download Session 18-43: Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Coral Bleaching Around Buck Island Reef National Monument, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands (303 KB)

Download Session 18-44: Declining Trend on the Mesoamerican Reef System Marine Protected Areas (357 KB)

Download Session 19-01: Nitrogen Fixation in Coral Reef Environments (197 KB)

Download Session 19-02: Role of Organic Matter in Chemical Symbiosis at Coral Reefs: Release of Organic Nitrogen and Amino Acids Under Heat Stress (234 KB)

Download Session 19-03: Exposure to Nutrient-Enriched Sediments Mitigates the Negative Impacts of Sedimentation on Coral Growth in the Caribbean Corals Porites astreoides and Siderastrea siderea (188 KB)

Download Session 19-04: First Evidence of Coral Bleaching Stimulating Organic Matter Release by Reef Corals (206 KB)

Download Session 19-05: Hemichordata: Enteropneusta (Acorn Worm) Bioturbation: Maintaining and Facilitating the Balance of Coral Reef Biogeochemical Cycles (234 KB)

Download Session 19-06: New Approach to Study the Coral Symbiotic Complex: Application to Vitamin B12 (212 KB)

Download Session 19-07: Recycling-Oriented Aquaculture System Utilizing Natural Ecological Functions of Mangrove Organisms (344 KB)

Download Session 19-08: Activities of Antioxidant Enzymes (SOD and CAT) in the Coral Galaxea fascicularis Against Increased Hydrogen Peroxide Concentrations in Seawater (339 KB)

Download Session 19-09: Nitrogen Dynamics in Symbiotic Relationships in Corals (189 KB)

Download Session 19-10: Long-Term Effects of Inorganic Nitrogen Enrichment on the Reef-Building Corals Stylophora pistillata and Acropora spp. (233 KB)

Download Session 19-11: Dual-Carbon Sources Fuel the OCS Deep-Reef Community, a Stable Isotope Investigation (169 KB)

Download Session 19-12: Bacterial Degradability of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Coral Mucus (203 KB)

Download Session 20-02: NOAA Coral Reef Watch Coral Bleaching Outlook System (591 KB)

Download Session 20-03: Recovery of Diadema antillarum and the Potential for Active Rebuilding Measures: Modelling Population Dynamics (174 KB)

Download Session 21-01: Measuring the Effects of Marine Managed Areas: A Global Management Effectiveness Study (178 KB)

Download Session 21-02: Towards a Close Integration of Social and Natural Sciences (134 KB)

Download Session 21-03: The Political Aspects of Resilience (130 KB)

Download Session 21-04: New Eco-Development Initiatives Involving Local People in the Conservation of Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Wandoor (India) (173 KB)

Download Session 21-05: Integrated Economic Valuation in Coral Reef Management: Demonstration, Appropriation and Utilization of Coral Reef Economic Values for Sustainability and Conservation (116 KB)

Download Session 21-06: Towards Local Fishers Participation in Coral Reef Monitoring:A Case in Tingloy, Batangas, Philippines (183 KB)

Download Session 22-01: Are the Coral Reef Finfish Fisheries of South Florida Sustainable? (207 KB)

Download Session 22-02: Reproductive Classification and Spawning Seasonality of Epinephelus striatus (Nassau Grouper), E. guttatus (Red Hind) an Mycteroperca venenosa (Yellowfin Grouper) from The Bahamas (397 KB)

Download Session 22-03: Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Juvenile and Adult Abundance and Biomass of Reef Fishes in the Sulu Sea, Philippines (427 KB)

Download Session 22-04: Size Spectra Analysis as a Tool to Examine Management Effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas (182 KB)

Download Session 22-05: The Relevance of Traditional Ecological Knowledge for Modern Management of Coral Reef Fisheries in Melanesia (412 KB)

Download Session 22-06: Managing Fishing Gear to Encourage Ecosystem-Based Management of Coral Reefs Fisheries (234 KB)

Download Session 22-07: Indications of Recruitment Enhancement in the Sea Urchin Tripneustes gratilla Due to Stock Restoration Efforts (260 KB)

Download Session 22-08: The Coupling of St. John, US Virgin Islands Marine Protected Areas Based on Reef Fish Habitat Affinities and Movements Across Management Boundaries (780 KB)

Download Session 22-09: Banggai Cardinalfish: Towards a Sustainable Ornamental Fishery (753 KB)

Download Session 22-10: Differential Depth Effects Upon Biomass Patterns in an Herbivorous Coral Reef Fish Assemblage (139 KB)

Download Session 22-11: Photo-ID on Reef Fish - Avoiding Tagging-Induced Biases (258 KB)

Download Session 22-12: Management of the Aquarium Fishery in the Republic of Maldives (209 KB)

Download Session 22-13: Reef Fish Spawning Aggregations in the Bay of Bengal: Awareness and Occurrence (907 KB)

Download Session 22-14: Preliminary Assessment of the Socio-Economic Importance of Export Trade in Coral Reef Resources on Fijian Society (211 KB)

Download Session 22-15: Improving Management of Coral Reefs Fisheries in Data Limited Situations: Experiences from the ParFish Methodology (258 KB)

Download Session 22-16: Short Term Response of Coral Reef Fish Communities Under Customary Management in New Ireland, Papua New Guinea (298 KB)

Download Session 23-01: Changes in Reef Fish Biomass in Karimunjawa National Park: A Test of the Effectiveness of Government Gazetted Marine Parks in Indonesia (176 KB)

Download Session 23-02: Community Sea Tenure and the Establishment of Marine Reserve Networks in the Pacific Islands (136 KB)

Download Session 23-03: An Ecological Correction to Marine Reserve Boundaries in the US Virgin Islands (345 KB)

Download Session 23-04: Biological Criteria for Protection of U.S. Coral Reefs (156 KB)

Download Session 23-05: Macrobenthic Diversity Reaction to Human Impacts on Maceio Coral Reefs, Alagoas, Brazil (182 KB)

Download Session 23-06: The U.S. Coral Reef Task Force: A Model for Fostering Coral Reef Management at National to Local Scales (177 KB)

Download Session 23-07: Finding the Right Fit for Ecosystem-Based Management in the Philippines (219 KB)

Download Session 23-08: Post Hurricane Dynamics and Status of Coral Reefs St. Croix, US Virgin Islands (199 KB)

Download Session 23-09: Water Quality Standards for Coral Reef Protection (198 KB)

Download Session 23-10: Management and Monitoring for Coral Reef Conservation in the Port of Singapore (151 KB)

Download Session 23-11: Systematic Marine Conservation Planning: Towards a Marine Representative Areas Network in Nanggruh Aceh Darussalam, Indonesia (315 KB)

Download Session 23-12: Fishery Management for Artisanal Reef Fisheries in Developing Countries: A Holistic Economic Approach (156 KB)

Download Session 23-13: Contaminants in Fishes from Johnston Atoll (188 KB)

Download Session 23-14: Ecological Effects of the Crown-of-Thorns Starfish Removal Programme on Chumbe Island Coral Park, Zanzibar, Tanzania (212 KB)

Download Session 23-15: Empowering Fisher Women Through ICT in Reef Conservation and Management - A Case Study from Tuticorin Coast of the Gulf of Mannar, Southeastern India (106 KB)

Download Session 23-16: Habitat Similarity Between an Artificial Reef and the Surrounding Natural Hardbottom in Broward County, FL, USA (1.0 MB)

Download Session 23-17: St. Croix East End Marine Park: The U.S. Virgin Islands' First Territorial Marine Park (260 KB)

Download Session 23-18: Socioeconomic and Governance Monitoring of Marine Managed Areas: A Work in Progress (256 KB)

Download Session 23-19: The Value of Coral Quality to SCUBA Divers in Barbados (134 KB)

Download Session 23-20: Managing Indonesian Coral Reefs: Lessons from Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Program (182 KB)

Download Session 23-21: Post-Hurricane Assessment of Reefs and Banks in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico (331 KB)

Download Session 23-22: Patterns of Spatial Variability in Distribution of Benthic Invertebrates and Algae at Sharm el Sheikh (South Sinai, Egypt) (453 KB)

Download Session 23-24: Coral Reef Conservation Campaign in Brazil (257 KB)

Download Session 23-25: Voluntary Standards as a Tool for Increasing the Sustainability of the Marine Recreation Industry and Improving MPA Effectiveness in Hawaii and Mesoamerica (125 KB)

Download Session 23-26: Hurricanes and Corals in Southern Belize: From Science to Management and Policy Development (96 KB)

Download Session 23-27: Challenges for Effective and Sustainable Co-Managed Marine Protected Areas: A Case Study From the Comoros Islands (100 KB)

Download Session 23-28: Development of a Strategy to Guide the Use of Remotely Sensed Information in the Management of Coral Reef Environments (40 KB)

Download Session 23-29: Monitoring and Evaluation: Lessons from Tubbataha Reef National Park and Coron Island Ancestral Domain, Philippines (98 KB)

Download Session 23-30: Green Fins-Thailand: Coral Reef Conservation in the Face of a Tourism Epidemic (98 KB)

Download Session 24-01: Restoration of Threatened Acropora cervicornis Corals: Intraspecific Variation as a Factor in Mortality, Growth, and Self-Attachment (186 KB)

Download Session 24-02: Improving Restoration Approaches for Acropora palmata: Lessons from the Fortuna Reefer Grounding in Puerto Rico (209 KB)

Download Session 24-03: The Effectiveness of Macroalgal Reduction and Diadema antillarum Addition in Limiting Macroalgal Growth and Facilitating Coral Recovery (201 KB)

Download Session 24-04: Benthic Colonization and Ecological Successional Patterns on a Planned Nearshore Artificial Reef System in Broward County, SE Florida (614 KB)

Download Session 24-05: Effects of Herbiovre Grazing on Juvenile Coral Growth in the Gulf of Mexico (295 KB)

Download Session 24-06: Settlement Behavior of Acropora palmata planulae: Effects of Biofilm Age and Crustose Coralline Algal Cover (249 KB)

Download Session 24-07: Multivariate Responses of the Coral Reef Fish Community to Artificial Structures and Coral Transplants (584 KB)

Download Session 24-08: Recovery of Injured Giant Barrel Sponges, Xestospongia muta, Offshore Southeast Florida (840 KB)

Download Session 24-09: A Study of the Effect of Sediment Accumulation on the Settlement of Coral Larvae Using Conditioned Tiles (296 KB)

Download Session 24-10: Coral Recruitment and Community Development: The Broward County Artificial Reef Compared to Adjacent Hardbottom Areas, Five Years Post-Deployment (521 KB)

Download Session 24-11: Development of a Coral Nursery Program for the Threatened Coral Acropora cervicornis in Florida (221 KB)

Download Session 24-12: Coral Relocation for Impact Mitigation in Northern Qatar (317 KB)

Download Session 24-14: The "Eco-Block" as a Coral-Friendly Contrivance in Port Construction (304 KB)

Download Session 24-15: Survival and Growth of Acropora spp. in Mid-Water Nursery and After Transplantation at Phi Phi Islands, Andaman Sea, Thailand (281 KB)

Download Session 24-16: Coral Transplants as Rubble Stabilizers: A Technique to Rehabilitate Damaged Reefs (258 KB)

Download Session 24-17: Large Coral Transplantation in Bal Haf (Yemen): An Opportunity to Save Corals During the Construction of a Liquefied Natural Gas Plant Using Innovative Techniques (310 KB)

Download Session 24-18: Transplantation of Porites lutea to Rehabilitate Degraded Coral Reef at Maiton Island, Phuket, Thailand (440 KB)

Download Session 25-01: Analysis of Reef Fish Abundance in the Gulf of California, and Projection of Changes by Global Warming (200 KB)

Download Session 25-02: Does Body Colouration Influence Predation Risk of Coral-Dwelling Reef Fish in Bleached Landscapes? (155 KB)

Download Session 25-03: Coral Reefs of the Gulf of Mannar, Southeastern India - Observations on the Effect of Elevated SST During 2005-2008 (268 KB)

Download Session 25-04: Annual Summer Bleaching of a Multi-Species Coral Community in Backreef Pools of American Samoa: A Window on the Future? (182 KB)

Download Session 25-05: The Effect of High and Extreme Temperature Increase on the Coral Porites lutea and Five Different Algae in Northern Vietnam (231 KB)

Download Session 25-06: Reef Development and Resilience to Acute (El Nino Warming) and Chronic (High-CO2) Disturbances in the Eastern Tropical Pacific: A Real-World Climate Change Model (390 KB)

Download Session 25-07: Bleaching as a Life History Trait in Coral-Zooxanthellae Holobionts - Relevance to Acclimatization and Adaptation (256 KB)

Download Session 25-08: Protracted Declines in Coral Cover and Fish Abundance Following Climate-Induced Coral Bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef (218 KB)

Download Session 25-09: Coral Ultrastructural Response to Elevated pCO2 and Nutrients During Tissue Repair and Regeneration (583 KB)

Download Session 25-10: Comparative Investigation of Organic Matter Release by Corals and Benthic Reef Algae - Implications for Pelagic and Benthic Microbial Metabolism (237 KB)

Download Session 25-11: Implications for Our Coral Reefs in a Changing Climate over the Next Few Decades -- Hints From the Past 22 years (1.3 MB)

Download Session 25-12: Adaptation/Exaptation in the host coral Favites complanata (Ehrenberg, 1834; Scleractinia, Faviidae) to increased Seawater Temperatures (265 KB)

Download Session 25-13: GIS Modeling and Mitigation of Coral Reef Damage (39 KB)

Download Session 26-01: Biodiversity of Reefs: Inferring From Sparse Data (271 KB)

Download Session 26-02: Diversity and Abundance of Reef Macro Invertebrates (Mollusca; Echinodermata) in the Southern Gulf of California, Mexico (184 KB)

Download Session 26-03: What Are the Costs of Bad Taxonomic Practices: And What is Madracis mirabilis? (940 KB)

Download Session 26-04: Biodiversity of Cryptofauna Associated with Reefs of the Los Roques ARchipelago National Park, Venezuela (174 KB)

Download Session 26-05: Comparison of Bacterial Diversity within the Coral Reef Sponge, Axinella corrugata, and the Encrusting Coral Erythropodium caribaeorum (265 KB)

Download Session 26-06: Diversity of Gorgonians and Influence of Cutting on Their Growth in the Upper Gulf of Thailand (237 KB)

Download Session 26-07: The Biogeography of Damselfish Skull Evolution: A Major Radiation Throughout the Indo-West Pacific Produces No Unique Skull Shapes (359 KB)

Download Session 26-08: Effects of Coral Mortality on the Community Composition of Cryptic Metazoans Associated with Pocillopora damicornis (715 KB)

Download Session 26-09: Preliminary Results On Marine Algae Of Madagascar Reef, Yucatan, México: a Functional Group Approach (256 KB)

Download Session 26-10: Speciation Extinction Dynamics and the Topography of Diversity on Indo-West Pacific Coral Reefs (219 KB)

Download Session 26-11: Intragenomic ITS2 Variation in Caribbean Seafans (273 KB)

Download Session 26-12: Soft Coral Biodiversity and Distribution in East Africa: Gradients, Function and Significance (376 KB)

Download Session 26-13: Recent Sightings of Longsnout Seahorse, Hippocampus reidi in the Marine Environment of St. Kitts, Lesser Antilles (200 KB)

Download Session 26-14: Cymothoid Isopods on Coral Reef Fishes in the Near Shore Marine Environment of St. Kitts, Lesser Antilles (301 KB)

Download Session 26-15: Habitats and Biodiversity of Ningaloo Reef Lagoon, Western Australia (274 KB)

Download Session 26-16: Coral Systematics Inferred from the Gene Galaxin: Exploring Phylogenetic Relationships Using a Putative Determinant of Skeletal Morphology (206 KB)

Download Session 26-17: Need For a More Integrative Approach to Scleractinian Taxonomy (152 KB)

Download Session 26-18: Species Richness and Morphological Diversity of the Genus Porites in the Pacific Ocean (302 KB)

Download Session 26-19: Coral Assemblages of Cabo Verde: Preliminary Assessment and Description (212 KB)


A defining theme of the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium was that the news for coral reef ecosystems are far from encouraging. Climate change happens now much faster than in an ice-age transition, and coral reefs continue to suffer fever-high temperatures as well as sour ocean conditions. Corals may be falling behind, and there appears to be no special silver bullet remedy. Nevertheless, there are hopeful signs that we should not despair.

Reef ecosystems respond vigorously to protective measures and alleviation of stress. For concerned scientists, managers, conservationists, stakeholders, students, and citizens, there is a great role to play in continuing to report on the extreme threat that climate change represents to earth’s natural systems. Urgent action is needed to reduce CO2 emissions. In the interim, we can and must buy time for coral reefs through increased protection from sewage, sediment, pollutants, overfishing, development, and other stressors, all of which we know can damage coral health.

The time to act is now. The canary in the coral-coal mine is dead, but we still have time to save the miners. We need effective management rooted in solid interdisciplinary science and coupled with stakeholder buy in, working at local, regional, and international scales alongside global efforts to give reefs a chance.



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