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Time-Of-Day of Feeding Affects Growth, Fattening, and Serum Hormone Levels in Channel Catfish

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American Society of Zoologists

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Channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus were maintained on a 12L:12D photoperiod,

20˚ ± 1˚C, and received one of two commercial diets either early (0730 h), late (1600 h), or at both times of day (feeding rate 2.5 g% body weight/day). After 6 weeks of feeding, body weight, body length, abdominal fat weight and mean serum cortisol and thyroxine levels (determined by radioimmunoassay) differed among feeding regime groups depending on the diet, time-of-day of feeding and/or fedding frequency. There were also diel variations in serum cortisol and thyroxine titers; the pattersn of serum cortisol and thyroxine differed with diet and time-of-day of feeding, respectively.


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