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Mouthpart Morphology and Feeding Behavior in the Amphipod Families Animixidae and Leucothoidae

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Annual Meeting of the American Society of Zoologists, American Microscopical Society, Animal Behavior Society, Crustacean Society, Society of Protozoologists, and the Society of Systematic Zoology / Dallas, Texas

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American Zoologist - Vol 21, No. 4: Theoretical Ecology




Recent investigations of amphipod mouthpart ultrastructure and feeding behavior on two commensal amphipods, Anamixis hanseni and Leucothoides pottsi, have shown similarities in mouthpart composition and feeding strategies. A. hanseni been shown for the first time to possess a full complement of mouthparts, though much reduced in size and complexity. Feeding in both species is accomplished by passive filtration and entrapment of minute food particles on a filter net of setal tufts located on the medial carpal lobes of the enlarged second gnathopods. Ascidians and sponges are the preferred hosts. Constancy of the microhabitat rather than a specific host species appears to be the major factor in host selection.



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