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Adhesion of Lysozyme and Transferrin to Omafilcon A Contact Lenses

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Annual Meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, New Orleans, LA, April 18-22, 2009

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Human tears contain ~60 different proteins that accumulate on contact lenses. We examine the adhesion of human transferrin to FDA Group II Omafilcon A contact lenses, fabricated from a biomimetic material whose interaction with tear proteins is not well characterized and for which the consequences of protein accumulation are unclear. Omafilcon A lenses were incubated in human transferrin for five days, and protein adhesion was determined by bicinchoninic acid colorimetry on a daily basis. Transferrin adhered to the Omafilcon A lenses to a lesser extent (~10%) than it did to Alphafilcon A lenses (also FDA Group II). Our previous data indicate the same is true for lysozyme adhesion, with Omafilcon A lenses adsorbing less lysozyme (~25%) than Alphafilcon A lenses. Levels of transferrin and lysozyme adhesion to Omafilcon A lenses are lower than their levels of adhesion to any other type of contact lenses in all four FDA groups, suggesting that Omafilcon A lenses are better able to resist protein adhesion than contact lenses fabricated from other materials.


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The FASEB Journal, Volume 23, Abstract 863.12

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