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The Status of Sea Turtle Nesting in Broward County, Florida

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25th Annual Symposium on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation, Savannah, GA, January 18-22, 2005

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Loggerhead nesting has declined by more than 31% since 2000 and there has been a significant (P=.028) decline since 1995. While this could be due to changes in the remigration interval or the clutch frequency, the down trend could also indicate a decrease in the size of the nesting population. Green sea turtles have shown a pattern of relatively high and low nesting in alternating years, suggesting a predominant two-year remigration interval which has persisted for 16 years. Most loggerhead nests were relocated due to the heavily urbanized coast and brightly illuminated beaches. The eggs from 930 relocated loggerhead nests produced 59.4 percent released hatchlings while eggs from 207 in situ nests had a success rate of 63.7 percent. Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne adversely impacted 245 loggerhead and 64 green nests.


NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-SEFSC-582

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