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Coral Transplantation Following Repair of Outfall

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International Conference on Scientific Aspects of Coral Reef Assessment, Monitoring, and Restoration

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Conference Proceeding

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Coral Reefs, Conservation of Natural Resources, Florida


We present results of a project in 1997 which rescued stony corals that would have otherwise been killed during underwater construction activities related to the north Dade County outfall pipe repairs. Significant portions of the crown of this outfall pipe had been exposed during Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and were slated to be covered again with ambient material, geofabric and armor matting in 1997. 271 reef-building stony corals (primarily Solenastrea bournoni and Siderastrea siderea) growing on the pipe were collected prior to repair work and subsequently transplanted back onto the concrete tiles of armor matting. Corals were typically transplanted to the upper 4 rows of cement tiles of the armor matting. One coral specimen was usually attached per tile, but in the case of the smallest corals, as many as three were placed on a tile. Equal portions of Portland type II cement and molding plaster was used for colony attachment. All corals were catalogued and macrophotographed with a scale for monitoring. There was a 97% survival rate 3 months following transplantation. Survival rate after one year will be presented.


abstract and poster presented at conference

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