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"Ocean Discovery" Cruises: At-Sea Research Opportunities for the Next Generation of Scientists

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2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT, February 20-24, 2012

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NOAA’s Cooperative Institute for Ocean Exploration, Research and Technology (CIOERT) explores and studies ocean frontiers with innovation and cutting edge technologies and is committed to bringing “science at sea” experiences to university students. Multidisciplinary “Ocean Discovery” cruises that communicate the excitement of research and discovery to students at a critical stage of their career decision-making have been incorporated into CIOERT’s Florida Shelf Edge Exploration expeditions, including use of the Johnson-Sea-Link submersible (2010) and UConn’s K2 ROV (2011). These high-quality experiences engage students in ocean research via complete research projects from shipboard data collection through presentations. Student research questions are created in association with CIOERT research projects and result in written papers and poster presentations. Students increase their understanding of the scientific process and observe, study, and characterize ocean conditions and benthic and pelagic habitats along the continental shelf. These experiences are transferred to the public, college students, pre-college teachers, and their students via presentations and web-based resources. These “Ocean Discovery” students will likely become tomorrow’s marine scientists, educators, and managers, all working, directly or indirectly, in support of NOAA’s mission.


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