Oceanography Faculty Theses and Dissertations

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First Advisor

Harding B. Michel

Second Advisor

Martin A. Roessler

Third Advisor

William W. Hay

Fourth Advisor

Dennis L. Taylor

Fifth Advisor

Lipke B. Holthuis


Members of the genus Pagurapseudes occupy vacant microgastropod shells. Functional and behavioral convergence with paguridean decapods (hermit crabs) is treated using a combination of gross morphological, histological and scanning electron microscopic analyses, as well as observations of living animals. Post-embryological development is described and compared with that of other tanaidaceans. The proposed life history differs from that of other tanaidaceans in several respects and is the first described for any member of the suborder Monokonophora based on investigations using experimentally reared specimens. Variations in a population over the course of 1.5 years are discussed as are apparent habitat preferences. Preferences of Pagurapseudes for different shell species are examined with respect to shell morphology, size and availability.


Sixth Advisor: Lowell P. Thomas

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