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Coral Reefs of the USA

Coral Reefs of the USA



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Coral Reefs of the USA provides a complete overview of the present status of knowledge regarding all coral reef areas within the USA and its territories. It is written by the most experienced authorities in their fields and geographic areas. Stretching from the Caribbean to the western Pacific, the coral reefs of the USA span extensive geographic and biotic diversity, occur in a wide variety of geomorphological settings, and provide a representative cross-section of Holocene reef-building. This book will therefore be of broad general interest. For the first time, complete scholarly reviews are given for the geology, geomorphology and the biology of reefs encompassing a vast area stretching from the Mariana Islands in the west, Samoa in the south, Hawaii in the north and the Virgin Isalnds in the east. This book is not a status report, but will provide up-to-date information about stressors and the biotic responses of the reefs, as well as the geological explanations why these reefs exist in the first place. It will be an invaluable baseline-reference for all those who are engaged in research or management of these coral reefs or to those who simply enjoy being well-informed about one fo the most iconic ecosystems of the USA.


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1. Introduction: A Diversity of Oceans, Reefs, People, and Ideas: A Perspective of US Coral Reef Research Bernhard Riegl and Richard Dodge page 1

2. Controls on Late Quaternary Coral Reefs of the Florida Keys Barbara H. Lidz, Eugene A. Shinn, J. Harold Hudson, H. Gray Multer, Robert B. Halley, and Daniel M. Robbin page 9

3. A Perspective on the Biology of Florida Keys Coral Reefs Walter C. Jaap, Alina Szmant, Karilyn Jaap, Jennifer Dupont, Robert Clarke, Paul Somerfield, Jerald S. Ault, James A. Bohnsack, Steven G. Kellison, and G. Todd Kellison page 75

4. Coral Reefs, Present and Past, on the West Florida Shelf and Platform Margin Albert C. Hine, Robert B. Halley, Stanley D. Locker, Bret D. Jarrett, Walter C. Jaap, David J. Mallinson, Kate T. Ciembronowicz, Nancy B. Ogden, Brian T. Donahue, and David F. Naar page 127

5. The Reef Tract of Continental Southeast Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, USA) Kenneth W. Banks, Bernhard M. Riegl, Vincent P. Richards, Brian K. Walker, Kevin P. Helmle, Lance K.B. Jordan, Janet Phipps, Mahmood S. Shivji, Richard E. Spieler, and Richard E. Dodge page 175

6. Biology and Ecology of Coral Reefs and Coral Communities in the Flower Garden Banks Region, Northwestern Gulf of Mexico George P. Schmahl, Emma L. Hickerson, and William F. Precht page 221

7. Coral-reef Geology: Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands Dennis K. Hubbard, Randolph B. Burke, Ivan P. Gill, Wilson R. Ramirez, and Clark Sherman page 263

8. Ecology of Coral Reefs in the US Virgin Islands Caroline S. Rogers, Jeff Miller, Erinn M. Muller, Peter Edmunds, Richard S. Nemeth, James P. Beets, Alan M. Friedlander, Tyler B. Smith, Rafe Boulon, Christopher F.G. Jeffrey, Charles Menza, Chris Caldow, Nasseer Idrisi, Barbara Kojis, Mark E. Monaco, Anthony Spitzack, Elizabeth H. Gladfelter, John C. Ogden, Zandy Hillis-Starr, Ian Lundgren, William Bane Schill, Ilsa B. Kuffner, Laurie L. Richardson, Barry E. Devine, and Joshua D. Voss page 303

9. Biology and Ecology of Puerto Rican Coral Reefs David L. Ballantine, Richard S. Appeldoorn, Paul Yoshioka, Ernesto Weil, Roy Armstrong, Jorge R. Garcia, Ernesto Otero, Francisco Pagan, Clark Sherman, Edwin A. Hernandez-Delgado, Andrew Bruckner, and Craig Lilyestrom page 375

10. Reef Geology and Biology of Navassa Island Margaret W. Miller, Robert B. Halley, and Arthur C.R. Gleason page 407

11. Geology of Hawaii Reefs Charles H. Fletcher, Chris Bochicchio, Chris L. Conger, Mary S. Engels, Eden J. Feirstein, Neil Frazer, Craig R. Glenn, Richard W. Grigg, Eric E. Grossman, Jodi N. Harney, Ebitari Isoun, Colin V. Murray-Wallace, John J. Rooney, Ken H. Rubin, Clark E. Sherman, and Sean Vitousek page 435

12. Biology and Ecological Functioning of Coral Reefs in the Main Hawaiian Islands Paul L. Jokiel page 489

13. Geology and Geomorphology of Coral Reefs in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands John J. Rooney, Pal Wessel, Ronald Hoeke, Jonathan Weiss, Jason Baker, Frank Parrish, Charles H. Fletcher, Joseph Chojnacki, Michael Garcia, Russell Brainard, and Peter Vroom page 519

14. Biology of Coral Reefs in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Richard W. Grigg, Jeffrey Polovina, Alan M. Friedlander, and Steven O. Rohmann page 573

15. US Coral Reefs in the Line and Phoenix Islands, Central Pacific Ocean: History, Geology, Oceanography, and Biology James Maragos, Joyce Miller, Jamison Gove, Edward DeMartini, Alan M. Friedlander, Scott Godwin, Craig Musburger, Molly Timmers, Roy Tsuda, Peter Vroom, Elizabeth Flint, Emily Lundblad, Jonathan Weiss, Paula Ayotte, Enric Sala, Stuart Sandin, Sarah McTee, Todd Wass, Daria Siciliano, Russel Brainard, David Obura, Scott Ferguson, and Bruce Mundy page 595

16. US Coral Reefs in the Line and Phoenix Islands, Central Pacific Ocean: Status, Threats and Significance James Maragos, Alan M. Friedlander, Scott Godwin, Craig Musburger, Roy Tsuda, Elizabeth Flint, Olga Pantos, Paula Ayotte, Enric Sala, Stuart Sandin, Sarah McTee, Daria Siciliano, and David Obura page 643

17. Aspects of the Biology and Geomorphology of Johnston and Wake Atolls, Pacific Ocean Phillip S. Lobel and Lisa Kerr Lobel page 655

18. Geologic Setting and Geomorphology of Coral Reefs in the Mariana Islands (Guam and Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Bernhard M. Riegl, Samuel J. Purkis, Peter Houk, Genevieve Cabrera, and Richard E. Dodge page 691

19. Aspects of Biology and Ecological Functioning of Coral Reefs in Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Robert H. Richmond, Peter Houk, Michael Trianni, Eric Wolanski, Gerry Davis, Victor Bonito, and Valerie J. Paul page 719

20. Geologic Setting and Ecological Functioning of Coral Reefs in American Samoa Charles Birkeland, Peter Craig, Douglas Fenner, Lance Smith, William E. Kiene, and Bernhard M. Riegl page 741

21. Deep-Water Coral Reefs of the United States Charles G. Messing, John K. Reed, Sandra D. Brooke, and Steve W. Ross page 767


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Coral Reefs of the USA
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