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Professor Brown has been teaching full-time at the NSU Shepard Broad College of Law since 1976 and has been a tenured full professor since 1981. He regularly teaches: Property, Real Estate Transactions Law, Contracts, and Legislation (focusing on statutory interpretation). He has also taught Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Land Use Planning, and the Uniform Commercial Code courses (Sales, Secured Transactions and Negotiable Instruments). His activities include serving as the faculty advisor to the College of Law's chapter of Toastmasters and to the College of Law’s Moot Court Society, both of which he helped found. He is on the editorial board of the Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) and for years he was a regular contributor to Keeping Current-Property in PROBATE & PROPERTY magazine which is published by the ABA Section on Real Property, Probate and Trust Law. On occasion, he has served as an arbitrator, legal consultant, expert witness and special master.


This series of interviews was conducted by Dr. Julian Pleasants during the period of 2009-2012 for research in compiling the 50th Anniversary book, The Making of Nova Southeastern University: A Tradition of Innovation, 1964-2014. To read more about the completed book, click here.

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Interview with Ronald Brown - Professor of Law