Resort Hotels: Planning & Management


Resort Hotels: Planning & Management


E. Abraben



"This remarkable book covers the complete range of resort hotel planning, design, operation, administration, and management. It provides architects, hotel owners, land developers, real estate operators, and municipal officials with invaluable information on land utilization, designing, planning, equipment selection, construction and operating costs of resorts and their related facilities.

For the owner, Resort Hotels furnishes operating statistics and management data derived from the broad experience of successful planners, architects and operators in all parts of the United States and abroad - representative of resort installations of every size and class.

Every aspect of the subject is dealt with in depth and in detail: kitchens, restaurants, staffing, pricing, menu planning, liquor service, furniture and furnishings, provisions and supplies, laundries, dry-cleaning, and other services. The book also gives complete details on the installation and management of auxiliary facilities - both indoor and outdoor - with special emphasis on tennis courts, golf courses, ski lodges, airports, and marinas.

This new book offers the most complete and authoritative source of information available today for the guidance of the owner or would-be owner in the operation of a modern resort hotel establishment successfully and profitably.

Not only is the text section replete with vital information, but there is an outstanding picture section comprising nearly 200 pages and containing nearly 300 carefully selected illustrations. These range from site plans and diagrams to striking photographs of the latest developments in resort building."

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Reinhold Publishing Corporation


New York, NY


Architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright



Resort Hotels: Planning & Management
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