Interiors 3rd Book of Offices


Interiors 3rd Book of Offices


John Pile



"This definitive, practical sourcebook documents, in both pictures and text, the most recent and relevant developments in current office planning and design in America today. Any questions you may have about office landscaping and open planning are answered, and all types of office spaces - from reception areas through the general offices to the private office and the executive floor - are fully illustrated.

In the Introduction, John Pile, an authority on interior design, discusses the importance of office spaces as centers of communication and organization as well as the relationship of architectural form to interior space. He goes on to survey the history of office design from the conventional style of the forties to Bürolandschaft or office landscape solutions of the seventies, covering such topics as the effect of the computer and the client-designer relationship. Then, twelve recent major projects, showing a representative range of both conventional design and landscape planning, are presented in a case studies section. Such examples as the Weyerhaeuser Company in Tacoma, Washington, the Sears Tower in Chicago, the Boston City Hall, and the Arco Chemical Company in Houston are critically examined to show successful solutions to actual design problems. Chapters on office furniture and fixtures as well as standards for such things as energy and safety requirements conclude this comprehensive evaluation of the state of the art of office design.

A reference for architects, designers, and planners, this book is equally useful for executives and managers concerned with providing suitable office facilities for their organizations. In fact, anyone concerned with the modern office environment will find this required reading."



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Watson-Guptill Publications


New York, NY


Architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright



Interiors 3rd Book of Offices
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