Frank Lloyd Wright: Letters to Apprentices


Frank Lloyd Wright: Letters to Apprentices



"The first ever published collection of letters by Frank Lloyd Wright reveals an articulate genius at his intimate best, witty, wise, wistful, devastating, sometimes all within a single page. Written for the most part to his apprentices, these letters also serve to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Taliesin Fellowship, the 'school' Frank Lloyd Wright founded in 1932.

The letters presented here have been selected and arranged so as to recapture, in full color, the on-the-spot experiences of Frank Lloyd Wright's culminating burst of creativity. During those final 27 years 91932-1959), until his death at the age of 90, he planned and designed such landscapes as Fallingwater, the Johnson Wax Building, the Usonian houses, the Guggenheim Museum, the Beth Sholom Synagogue, the Gammage Memorial Auditorium, the Marin County Civic Center. All this, as the letters show, was witnessed and abetted by the Taliesin Fellowship, those many hundreds of young men and women who underwent an architectural education unique in history - learning to build by doing, and by doing everything, under the direct supervision of the greatest architect of our century.

These letters tell the story of that training and that creative out-pouring from the special angle of vision of the man whose genius made both possible. Too, they give us more than architecture at its crest. They introduce us to a novel and arresting thinker who talks profoundly and disturbingly about art and life, war and politics, marriage, morals, the spoiled younger generation, and that total complex, desperately in need of reform, called democracy.

What the reader will encounter in these letters, then, will be the everyday intensity, the dazzling accomplishment, the wisdom, the ever-expanding vision...a whole of which all Taliesin apprentices - and all of the rest of us too - are inescapably a part."

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The Press at California State University


Fresno, CA


Architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright



Frank Lloyd Wright: Letters to Apprentices
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