Architectural Monographs No. 18: Frank Lloyd Wright


Architectural Monographs No. 18: Frank Lloyd Wright


Thomas A. Heinz



"In a major new contribution on the work of this iconoclastic and flamboyant architect, who is widely regarded as the greatest that America has ever produced, Thomas A Heinz - both an architect and writer - uses his extensive experience in the restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings to present aspects of them that have previously gone unnoticed. Concentrating primarily on residences, the author uses his own photographs to examine construction techniques that are just as unorthodox as the architect himself, showing that Wright's approach to detailing was pragmatic, rather than conventional and was based on traditional common sense.

As Heinz writes in his introductory essay to this pictorial survey, 'Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings are not just differently designed, they are differently constructed. Wright had to invent or re-invent many items and systems to bring about his new art. Every design, every hidden detail, is evidence of Wright's unique intelligence...Other architects who designed in the Wrightian mode often were more consistent than the one who originated the style, and, in fact, some of their creations are more apt to appear as the quintessential Prairie House than are many of Wright's with his little quirks and exceptions.'"



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The Academy Group Ltd


London, UK


Architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright



Architectural Monographs No. 18: Frank Lloyd Wright
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