Earth Sheltered Housing Design: Guidelines, Examples, and References


Earth Sheltered Housing Design: Guidelines, Examples, and References



"Before the use of fossil fuels was commonplace man often turned to the earth for protection from the elements and extremes of climate. Now, with fuel supplies dwindling and fuel prices rapidly rising, it is time to reconsider the benefits of habitation below the earth's surface.

This book of guidelines offers homeowners and architects a comfortable and economic approach to underground housing based on modern construction techniques. It provides plans, details, and photographs of existing examples of earth sheltered houses from around the country, and shows how to design homes using such low cost natural resource- and energy-saving systems as layers of soil insulation and passive solar heating. Many of the homes illustrate how the designs can be adapted to take advantage of specific natural surroundings.

Avoiding the use of technical language whenever possible, the authors give clear-cut explanations of energy performance in earth sheltered houses, as well as helpful hints on selecting materials and equipment. The reader will find basic information on warm climate and cold climate designs, including detailed coverage of plans, site selection, waterproofing and insulation, as well as zoning codes and other public policy issues that relate to underground construction. Essential advice is given on systems which provide maximum protection from wind chill, unwanted infiltration, and direct heat loss. All the facts are here on creating a durable, low maintenance structure that is not only economical, but also as comfortable as a conventional home. Detailed appendices offer precise information on financing, building codes, and product information."



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Van Nostrand Reinhold Company


New York, NY


Architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright



Earth Sheltered Housing Design: Guidelines, Examples, and References
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