Frank Lloyd Wright: His Life, His Work, His Words


Frank Lloyd Wright: His Life, His Work, His Words



"This book makes available the long-awaited story of the life and work of the master architect by the one person who knew him intimately and worked by his side for thirty-five years.

it also contains Frank Lloyd Wright's own explanations of why and how he designed his most important buildings; and it includes many of his never-before published writings and talks on a great variety of subjects from architecture and the arts to education and life today.

We follow Frank Lloyd Wright's dramatic life, from the day of his birth as escribed to him by his mother, through his childhood and the moving event that set him upon his course to become 'the world's greatest architect;' and his escape to Chicago where, after working for his beloved master Louis Sullivan, het set forth on his own career whose influence was to change the face of the earth.

It was a seed-time in which every building he designed involved a revolution in thought, an innovation in architecture: the Larkin Building, the first fireproof, air-conditioned building, with steel furniture built in; Unity Temple, his first church; the 'Prairie Houses' which were destined to create a new era in the design of homes throughout the world; the Imperial Hotel in Japan, his first earthquake-proof building; on through the daring structures of the Johnson Wax Building and Fallingwater, the house built over a waterfall; and the crowning achievements finished after his death, the controversial Guggenheim Museum, the Beth Sholom Synagogue, the Greek Orthodox Church, the great Marin County Civic Center in California, and the Grady Gammage Auditorium in Arizona.

Through his stormy adventures in architecture, Mrs. Wright has threaded many personal stories of the architect at work and at play, forming the now famed Taliesin Fellowship, teaching his students, guiding them in their daily work. We see him in the act of designing his buildings, fighting for them through to execution, lecturing, reading, listening to music, living one of the most productive careers in man's creative history.

An indispensable feature of this work is the complete list of 'The Buildings and Projects of Frank Lloyd Wright' (including his every design - whether executed or not - throughout his great career) with biographical notes on every important event in his life. This comprehensive section, the result of years of research in Mr. Wright's personal files, is here made available for the first time.

There are also: a never-before published list of Innovations, written by Mr. Wright himself, original sketches in his own hand (including Mil-High skyscraper), and a large number of photographs, both of his family and of his revolutionary architectural achievements; and finally an illustrated section showing the new work being carried forward by the Taliesin Associated Architects according to Frank Lloyd Wright's principles of organic architecture."

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New York, NY


Architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright



Frank Lloyd Wright: His Life, His Work, His Words
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