Frank Lloyd Wright: The Living City


Frank Lloyd Wright: The Living City



"Looking back over the world of living architecture created by Frank Lloyd Wright in the past sixty-five years, we now know how prophetic his vision is. Every year we see new evidences of his radiant influence bringing a humane spirit into architecture around the earth.

Each of his buildings has risen into the future, prefiguring for us a truly democratic life in which every individual will one day live in pride of individuality. Why not soon - in fact, now? - asks Frank Lloyd Wright; and shows how it is indeed possible for us. Now.

For THE LIVING CITY is another startling act of prophecy. This matter of immediate concern to us and to our children, the nature of the coming city, has been a matter of continuous concern - and inspired work - for the world's greatest architect for fifty years. And in this book he has crystallized that thought and embodied that unparalleled experience."

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Bramhall House


New York, NY


Architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright



Frank Lloyd Wright: The Living City
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