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Louis W. Parker, Parker Building


Louis Parker (January 1 1906 - June 21 1993) invented the television receiver, Patent Number(s) 2,448,908. Parker's invention is the modern basis for coordinating sound and picture. Among Parker's other inventions was the first color television system using vertical color lines. This made it possible to change from the original three-color dot system to the simpler vertical color-line system. Most of the color television receivers in the world now use this system. Born in Budapest, Hungary, Parker received his primary and secondary education in Hungary. Following graduation, he immigrated to the United States, becoming a naturalized citizen in 1932. After learning English, he studied at the City College of New York. Parker first gained publicity in 1929 with a hotel radio system that used low-frequency signals to broadcast over the electric wires within the building. This made it possible to receive noiseless reception with one-tube receivers. Later he worked on radio direction finders for airplanes and cathode ray oscilloscopes, which led to work on television and closed circuit television systems. During World War II, Parker designed and manufactured portable radio transmitters for military use. Later he invented electrical instruments operating on somewhat different principles which were greatly superior in performance and which were the bases for the Parker Instrument Corporation. The company was chosen by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to furnish select instruments for use in the manned Apollo flights to the moon. Parker received more than 200 United States and foreign patents.

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Louis W. Parker, Parker Building


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