Editors-in-Chief: William Kochen, Nova Southeastern University
  Jason Curtis, Keiser University
Editors: Allison Brager, United States Army Recruiting Command
  Darren Candow, University of Regina
  Kristen Craven, National Library of Medicine
  Scott Forbes, Brandon University
  Ellen Glickman, Kent State University
  Stephen Lippi, Angelo State University
  Henriette van Praag, Florida Atlantic University

Welcome to NeuroSports, the Journal of the Society for Neurosports - an academic society dedicated to interdisciplinary collaboration in the fields of exercise science and neuroscience. This society is the first of its kind in the field of Sports Neuroscience.

We are a society for passionate scientists and practitioners with an interest in furthering research-based athletic performance and brain health. It is our hope that the interdisciplinary discussions taking place in this society will increase the effectiveness and potential to reach greater levels of performance.

This double-blind peer-reviewed journal accepts manuscripts that contain original research related to the overlap of neuroscience and sports science.

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.

Recent Content



Memory and attention while SCUBA diving at shallow and deep depths: An open water study
Leanne Boucher, Joshua Feingold, Kelly Concannon, Stephanie Talavera, Jaime Tartar, and W. Matthew Collins


The Effects of a Multi-Ingredient Supplement on Various Cognitive Measures
Jason M. Curtis, Cassandra Evans, Veronica Mekhail, Paulina Czartoryski, Juan Carlos Santana, and Jose Antonio


Trait Anxiety in Mixed Martial Artists
Julian Pino, Olivier van Hauwermeiren, Jordan Kwamanakweenda, Corey Peacock, and Jaime Tartar


Perceptual Fatigability and Neuromuscular Responses During a Sustained, Isometric Forearm Flexion Muscle Action Anchored to a Constant Level of Perceived Exertion
Robert W. Smith, John Paul V. Anders, Tyler J. Neltner, Jocelyn E. Arnett, Joshua L. Keller, Terry J. Housh, Richard J. Schmidt, and Glen O. Johnson


Assessing a Novel Adaptation to CCI Devices to Model Human Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
William R. Kochen, Kristen Craven, Rachel E. Barkey, Jane M. Flinn, and David D. Cerri