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Tex Ellison, NASFL, Navy, pilot, commander


Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale Senior Flight Instructor

Capt. Thomas B. “Tex” Ellison was the uncle of former Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle. Ellison was born July 28, 1914, in Nixon, Texas. He graduated from the University of Texas in 1938 with a BBA. Tex joined the U.S. Navy as an aviator and served his country for 32 years before retiring in 1970.

While at NASFL, Tex instructed many students including former President George H.W. Bush. Ellison then returned with “Squadron Able” to Japan, for further combat. All planes returned safely. Ellison was the recipient of numerous awards, medals, and honors including the Navy Cross, the Silver Star, five Air Medals, and the Meritorious Service Medal for his work with NATO. All his medals and four Aviator Flight logbooks comprising his military career from 1939 to the late 1960s are on display at our Museum. Capt Ellison passed away at 91 years old on November 30th, 2005 in Pensacola, Florida. He was one of America's finest.

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Tex Ellison, NASFL, Navy, pilot, commander