Math Corner - March 28, 2024 Edition




April is Math and Statistics Awareness Month (nationwide and at NSU) so please answer this 4-part question.

A: The late Stanley Cohen, professor of medicine at NSU, spent many hours as a student at Rutgers University as chauffer for Nobel Prize winning Princeton University physicist/mathematician.

B: In 1996, NSU brought this engineer/mathematician, the first black woman to travel into space, for a distinguished speaker lecture.

C: In 2012, NSU’s Farquhar College brought this physicist/mathematician campus to talk about his recent book, The Hidden Reality.

D: Prior to his death in 1984, this pioneer of statistical survey sampling techniques and inventor of a public opinion poll which bears his name, gave a lecture at Nova University.



A: Albert Einstein

B: Mae Jemison

C: Brian Greene

D: George Gallup

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