Sadomasochism—sexual pleasure derived from giving and/or receiving pain and humiliation that includes elements of dominance and submission—is a controversial topic in the realms of relationships and psychology alike. A major question that is asked in regard to sadomasochism is the following: is a sadomasochistic relationship an appropriate one? The goal of this paper is to attempt to answer this question by reviewing a variety of information about sadomasochism. Specifically, this paper reviews what actually constitutes an inappropriate relationship. A more detailed explanation of sadomasochism is given, along with a look at the changing views of sadomasochism. Last, some evidence indicative of the quality of a sadomasochistic relationship is reviewed in order to make a determination on the appropriateness of this type of relationship. Overall, it is determined that sadomasochism most resembles an unconventional relationship. However, while still considered unconventional, it is also determined that many benefits come out of sadomasochism and that most of the issues present were the result of other factors or past experiences rather than sadomasochism itself.



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