Advance your research skills with AI


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Advance your research skills with AI


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The number of AI tools that can be used for research has been increasing steadily over the last few years. What do they offer, how do they differ, are they worth it? This webinar offers an overview of the various ways these new tools can be used to improve or speed up your research, with a focus on the discovery stage of the process. Several tools will be featured in a live demo and no prior knowledge is required. Please note this is not a workshop on generative AI and its uses in the classroom.

Publication Date

Winter 2-22-2024


artificial intelligence, AI tools, AI


Information Literacy


Resources included in the presentation: Scispace, Inciteful, WizdomAI, REsearch Rabbit, Scite, Keenious, Connected Papers, Consensus, Litmaps, IrisAi, Explain Paper, Schoalrcy, Paper Digest

Advance your research skills with AI