RJon Robins, Esq., How to MANAGE a Small Law Firm

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Fall 11-18-2016


How To MANAGE a Small Law Firm was founded by attorney RJon Robins. He quickly realized that despite having done quite well in law school, completing a prestigious 9 credit internship with the US Trustee’s Office and clerking for a Federal Bankruptcy Judge, he knew next to nothing about how to actually manage the business of a small law firm.

RJon did eventually discover how to manage a small law firm and was recruited by The Florida Bar’s Law Office Management Assistance Service (LOMAS) to teach his fellow lawyers how to find, fix and avoid the sort of marketing, sales, management, staffing, and financial control problems that had plagued his law firm.

As a full-time LOMAS Small Law Practice Management Advisor RJon had the unique opportunity to work with several thousand owners of solo and small law firms to diagnose the sources and help them fix the problems that plagued their law firms too.

In 2008 RJon founded How To MANAGE a Small Law which has since grown to be the largest provider of outside Managing Partner services in the Country. We are dedicated exclusively to the unique needs of the owner of a solo or small law firm. Today How To MANAGE A Small Law Firm boasts coast-to-coast Membership with ambitious and entrepreneurial lawyers hailing from all practice areas and walks of life. We even have Members in foreign Countries too!


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