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Interviewee Name

Jeannie Harris

Date of Interview

Winter 1-18-2024


NSU Tampa Bay Regional Campus

Brief Bio / Description of Interviewee

My name is Jeannie Harris. I was born in the Azores, Portugal, my father and mother were stationed in the island of Terceira, Lajes Field Air Force Base at the time. I'm a military brat, so the first 10 years my father was in the Air Force. And then the last 11 he was in the Navy. I joined the Air Force in 93 and 97. I wanted to be in the Air Force and because my father said that was a great place to start and I chose medical records because the recruiter showed a picture of a woman in a dress. And you know me, I'm very feminine. It was false advertising though because they made me wear BDUs with combat boots. I'm also a mother of two sons, 24 and 22. I taught homeschool for six years, made all their curriculum all their exams, and I was very proud to say that they both passed with flying colors on their GED for each core subject. My son Clayton is a web developer and Kai is now an engineer. Education is very important to me. That's why I'm part of the university environment because I want to encourage students and doctors of tomorrow. I've learned so much and I just love building relationships with you guys, helping take attendance, getting supplies for our procedures.

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Nikon Z6

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