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Interviewee Name

Nimmi Mathews

Date of Interview

Spring 4-12-2023


NSU Tampa Bay Regional Campus

Brief Bio / Description of Interviewee

One of the most unique things I experienced in Mumbai was in the place where I rode horses. The one I went to was like a summer camp. They had all kinds of animals there. You would go there for a week at a time. You would learn to ride but you would have more responsibility like getting up at 4 am to feed your horses when you were advanced enough. You’re doing it with your friends and forging human relationships and relationships with the horses. I don’t think I will ever forget what it was like being on a farm, with no parental supervision and no phones. You would only get the phone once a day for an hour. Other than that we could explore and I absolutely adored it. It definitely shaped me and I haven’t been back for a long time and I hope to go back soon.

Camera Equipment

Nikon Z6

Audio Equipment

iPhone 11 Pro Max


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