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Interviewee Name

Nimmi Mathews

Date of Interview

Spring 4-12-2023


NSU Tampa Bay Regional Campus

Brief Bio / Description of Interviewee

Mumbai is my favorite place to have lived. I really liked the social culture when I was a kid. I lived in an apartment complex that was very family friendly. At 7:00pm you go downstairs and there are 30 kids. I grew up with the best memories and all these different friend cycles for 11 years. What I really really like about Mumbai is it’s similar to New York in the sense that when you’re from New York, you’re a New Yorker, there’s no other identity. When you’re from Mumbai, you’re a Mumbai girl. Nothing comes past that. That’s your identity. I really liked that it was so cosmopolitan. There were parts of it that were very similar to the United States. It has everything the U.S offers, but it has this incredible culture and community. That’s where I want to go and I want to go back and I want to bring my kids back someday.

Camera Equipment

Nikon Z6

Audio Equipment

iPhone 11 Pro Max


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