Theses/Dissertations from 2018


Dissertation: Influence of a post-­‐graduate physical therapy residency program on clinical reasoning, professional development, and career advancement in Nairobi, Kenya, Shala Cunningham


Dissertation: Shoulder-Specific Patient Reported Outcome Measures for Use in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer:An Assessment of Reliability, Construct Validity, and Overall Appropriateness of Test Score Interpretation Using Rasch Analysis, Melissa Michelle Eden


Dissertation: Effect of Individual Height and Testing Methods on Outcome of the Forward Functional Reach Test, Jill Elaine Heitzman


Dissertation: Impact of an Exercise Program on Stress, Fatigue, and Quality of Life for Individuals Living with Primary Immunodeficiency Disease, Kerri Sowers

Theses/Dissertations from 2017


Dissertation: Risk Factors for Low Back Pain in Recreational Distance Runners, Jonathan Gallas


Dissertation: Immediate Effects of a Seated versus Supine Upper Thoracic Spine Thrust Manipulation Compared to Sham Manipulation in Individuals with Subacromial Pain Syndrome – A Randomized Clinical Trial, Jason Keith Grimes


Dissertation: Iliotibial Band Length and Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: Relationship Between Two Measurement Techniques, Duane Michael Scotti

Theses/Dissertations from 2016


Dissertation: Validation of a Pressure Pain Threshold Scale in Patients Diagnosed with Myofascial Pain Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, Scott William Cheatham


Dissertation: Effect of Stance Symmetry on Perturbation-Induced Protective Stepping in Persons Poststroke and Controls, Katherine M. Martinez


Dissertation: Sub-clinical Neck Symptoms, Disability, Posture, and Muscle Function in Computer Users, and the Effect of Education versus Education and Deep Cervical Flexor Exercise, Donna Lynne Skelly

Theses/Dissertations from 2015


Dissertation: Achieving Competence: Clinical Instructors' Perspective, Kimberly W. Coleman-Ferreira


Dissertation: Humeral Retrotorsion in Developing Children and its Relationship to Throwing Sports, Elliot M. Greenberg


Thesis: Investigation of relationships between physical characteristics of recreational runners and lower extremity injuries, Steven Marc Jackson


Dissertation: Promoting professional behavior in physical therapist students : use of standardized patient feedback, Mary Anne Riopel

Dissertation: Most effective intervention for reducing posterior shoulder tightness acutely in the post-operative population : a single blinded randomized control trial, Paul A. Salamh

Theses/Dissertations from 2014

Dissertation: Student and clinical instructor perceptions of credentialed and noncredentialed clinical instructors, Lindsay Elchert


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Use of a Direction Tolerance System (DTS) in Patients with Low Back Pain: Intra-Rater Reliability and Outcome, Martin Lambert

Dissertation: High fidelity human simulation used in preparation for physical therapy student acute care clinical practice experiences, Nicki Silberman

Dissertation: Pelvic girdle pain, postpartum depressive symptoms, and perceived improvement in the first twelve weeks after delivery, Adrienne H. Simonds

Dissertation: Physical therapy student experiences regarding problem-based learning and development of professional core values, Michelle E. Wormley

Theses/Dissertations from 2013

Dissertation: Assessing student physical therapists' clinical reasoning competency, Wing Fu


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Effects of the Nintendo Wii Fit on Functional Gait, Balance and Quality of Life in Ambulatory Individuals with Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury, Tracy E. Wall

Dissertation: Lived experiences of physical therapists in inpatient rehabilitation facilities : an interpretive phenomenological analysis, Steve Wiley

Theses/Dissertations from 2012

Dissertation: Relationship between proximal hip stabilizer force and incidence of recurrent ankle sprains with female soccer players ages thirteen to seventeen, Jane G. Keehan

Dissertation: Reliability and validity of a functional measure of change in canine lameness : the canine timed up and go test, Cindy June McGregor


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Effective mentoring in physical therapy : approaches for residency training, Anne E. O'Donnell


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Development of a Reliable and Valid Means to Measure the Physical Abilities of Young Male Gymnasts, Mark D. Sleeper

Dissertation: Using fMRI to determine if hemodynamic responses to pain change following thoracic spine thrust manipulation, Cheryl L. Sparks


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Incidence and Impact of Urinary Incontinence and Health Related Quality of Life for Postpartum Bangladeshi Women: Comparison by Birth Mode, Lori Marie Walton

Theses/Dissertations from 2011


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Understanding Clinically Meaningful Change in Walking and Balance Ability for Patients Undergoing Inpatient Physical Therapy after Stroke, Jennifer Canbek


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Criterion-Related Validity of the mini-BESTest: A New Clinical Combination Test Battery for Dynamic Balance and an Instrumented Test of Postural Sway (iSWAY), Demetrius Lynn Freeman


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Expectations of Physical Therapist Employers, and Academic and Clinical Faculty Regarding Entry-level Knowledge, Skills, and Behavior of Physical Therapist Graduates in Acute Rehabilitation Practice, Claudia Capelle Gazsi

Dissertation: Development of a clinical prediction rule to identify patients with neck pain that may benefit from education and exercise, William J. Hanney

Dissertation: Understanding the meaning of social responsibility and cultural competence to physical therapists volunteering in an international setting : a mixed methods design, Alan Chong W. Lee

Dissertation: Examination of interpersonal skills in entry-level physical therapist students, Jennifer A. Mai

Dissertation: Short-term combined effects of thoracic spine thrust manipulation and cervical spine non-thrust manipulation in patients with mechanical neck pain : a randomized clinical trial, Michael Masaracchio


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Development of a Clinical Prediction Rule to Identify Patients with Neck Pain likely to benefit from Cervical Spine Manipulation and a Range of Motion Exercise, Emilio J. Puentedura

Theses/Dissertations from 2010


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Vibrotactile Postural Control in Patients That Have Sit-to-Stand Balance Deficit and Fall, Karen L. Hastings Atkins

Dissertation: Home-based exercise program using self-management strategies for individuals with type 2 diabetes, Andrew S. Bartlett


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Study on the Effectiveness of Strain Counterstrain in the Treatment of Chronic Ankle Instability Resulting from a Lateral Ankle Sprain, Cristiana Kahl Collins

Dissertation: Partial versus full range of back extension endurance testing using the swiss ball in discogenic low back pain patients : a comparative study, Tarek El-Gohary


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Characteristics of the upper extremity in female recreational tennis players with and without lateral epicondylalgia, Ann M. Lucado


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Body Composition, Fitness Levels and Quality of Life in Overweight and Obese 8-17 Year Olds, Sharon Ann Martino


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Influence of exercise training frequency and predictors of clinical outcome associated with lumbar extensor strengthening exercises in adults with chronic low back pain, Lee C. Rielly

Dissertation: Prediction of functional outcome six months following total hip arthroplasty, Emily Joan Slaven

Theses/Dissertations from 2009

Dissertation: Investigating the efficacy of weighting the subscales of the Braden scale for predicting pressure sore risk to enhance its predictive validity, Katherine S. Harris


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Relationship Between Physical Therapist Assistant Faculty Characterisitics and Program Outcomes on the National Physical Therapy Examination, Malorie Kosht Novak

Theses/Dissertations from 2008


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Effect of transverse abdominus muscle activation on a pelvic muscle exercise program in women with stress urinary incontinence, Linnette Clark

Dissertation: Physical activity and dietary behaviors as essential components of successful weight loss, maintenance of weight loss, and quality of life after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, Steven W. Forbush

Dissertation: Effectiveness of a static progressive stretch device as an intervention for adhesive capsulitis stage 3 and 4: a randomized controlled trial, Mahmoud Ibrahim Ibrahim

Dissertation: Clinical instruction in physical therapy: novice and expert approaches to instructional reasoning, Stephanie Piper Kelly


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Continuing Professional Development Module on Physical Therapists Use of Standardized Balance Measures: A Knowledge Translation Study, J.J. Mowder-Tinney


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: Autonomic Dysfunction : a conceptual model, the effects of a physical therapeutic manipulation targeting the T3-T4 segment on the autonomic nervous system, Rob Sillevis

Theses/Dissertations from 2007

Dissertation: Grounded theory investigation of the use of the physical therapist clinical performance instrument for self-assessment, Raelyn Jenrette Covington

Dissertation: Shoulder joint and muscle characteristics in the recreational weight training population, Morey J. Kolber

Dissertation: Exploration of cultural competency pedagogical strategies and assessment methods in entry-level physical therapist educational programs, Charlene D. Portee

Theses/Dissertations from 2006

Dissertation: Ethnography of the postural restoration subculture : a posture based approach to patient / client management, Kyndall L. Boyle

Dissertation: Influence of mobility impairment on outcomes in elderly patients hospitalized for an acute ischemic stroke, Mary I. Dallas

Dissertation: Lower extremity dynamic alignment in female subjects with patellofemoral pain syndrome versus female controls, Ricardo A. Fernandez

Dissertation: Effects of monochromatic infrared energy on transcutaneous oxygen measurements in diabetic subjects with a loss of protective sensation, Holly Franzen-Korzendorfer

Dissertation: Retrospective study of the correlates of post rotator-cuff surgical outcomes, Meri T. Goehring

Dissertation: Quantifying medication use and environmental factors of community-dwelling elderly Guyanese at risk for falls : a cross-sectional study, Ronald G. Wharton

Theses/Dissertations from 2005

Dissertation: Using the OASIS to predict risk of falls in older adults, Jacqueline Crossen-Sills

Dissertation: Long-term effect of single event multiple level orthopedic surgery on the functional classification of children with cerebral palsy, Ellen M. Godwin