Promoting Cultural Competency in Physical and Occupational Therapy Students Through a Collaborative Community Based Service Learning Activity


Nova Southeastern University- HPD


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Publication Date / Copyright Date

February 2014


The purpose of this activity is to promote cultural competency in physical and occupational therapy students through a community based collaborative service learning activity that also enhances understanding of the roles of the respective disciplines as they provide health screens to an underserved population. This enables students from both disciplines to practice clinical skills in field conditions, fostering collaboration and mutual respect for strategies utilized in screening adult and pediatric participants that are primarily African American and Caribbean Black. As an activity that is integrated into a cultural competency course for physical therapy students, the screenings seek to enhance student understanding of the impact of cultural diversity on access to, and delivery of health care as well as to enable students to identify how physical therapy clinicians can actively promote change related to cultural diversity issues. The occupational therapy students volunteer for the Sistrunk Fair with the intent of improving their cultural competence abilities through completing pediatric developmental checklists for the families who attend the festival.


Physical Therapy

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