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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Occupational Therapy

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College of Health Care Sciences – Occupational Therapy Department

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Nicole Quint

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Nova Southeastern University


A review in the literature makes it evident that employment needs of the age 21 and over ID population are not being met; the employment rate for this population continues to be less than half of the employment rate of the general population (Siperstein et al., 2013). There is evidence that occupational therapy has the potential to meet the employment needs of this population, however, practice guidelines for occupational therapists working with this population are limited. This study recruited seven participants and interviewed them using a needs assessment approach to investigate the employment needs of the age 21 and over ID population in South Florida, from the perspective of all stakeholders, further define occupational therapy intervention and practice guidelines within this matter, and propose a program to meet that need under an occupational therapy scope of practice. After analyzing study transcriptions, summative topics, or codes, were noted to be repeated throughout the data. Topics included tips for: 1) successful employment, 2) barriers towards employment, 3) positive employment outcomes, and 4) proposed solutions. Recorded information is reported as part of study findings using synthesized participant comments.


Occupational Therapy


Health and environmental sciences, Employment, Intellectual disability, Occupational therapy, Successful employment, Transitions

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