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Doctor of Occupational Therapy (Dr.OT)

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College of Health Care Sciences – Occupational Therapy Department

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Dr. Adrienne Lauer

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Dr. Catherine Pierce

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Nova Southeastern University


This capstone project is a training program development and evaluation project. The purpose of the project was to develop, pilot, and evaluate an

evidence-based health literacy training program for occupational therapy professionals. Occupational therapy strives to be a science-driven profession, which provides client-centered care. Health literacy is a client-centered factor for which occupational therapy professionals require additional training to best serve their clients in all settings and across the lifespan. A review of health literacy literature was used in this project to develop the training program and offers a science-driven approach to this client-centered factor for occupational therapists to better serve their clients and their families. This program development project included pilot presentations of the training program at two locations, followed by the collection of feedback from the participants. The feedback was used to conduct a training program evaluation, which offered a platform for enhancements for future versions of the training program. The final objective of the project is to offer a program improvement plan and subsequently publish the evidence-based health literacy training program to make it available to all practicing occupational therapy professionals.


Occupational Therapy


Health and environmental sciences, Education, Health literacy, Occupational therapy, Patient education

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