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71st Annual Virtual Meeting of the Southern Chapter of the Medical Library Association


Southern Chapter of the Medical Library Association (SC/MLA)



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Fall 10-4-2021



To demonstrate how the Nova Southeastern University (NSU)'s Staff Development Committee (SDC) translated work-based social spaces into positive outcomes like stronger community bonds and skill building opportunities.


The presenters evaluated three different projects that enhanced their library's outreach and impact in their communities as a direct result of skills gained in Crafternoon workshops hosted by NSU's Staff Development Committee (SDC).


Staff attending SDC's programs can connect over their common objective: learning a new skill. Without the pressure to network, they also shared personal and professional details about their lives with staff members they would not normally engage. Some staff also discover an affinity for certain skills. One employee used the paper flower skill to drastically change their branch library's monthly book display. Another employee used the information he learned about Canva to rework his library's brochure to meet University standards. Working on their departmental projects led them to reach out to the original facilitators, further strengthening the bonds between the libraries.


Low stress programs are effective at building skills and strengthening community bonds. By placing the focus on skill building and removing the twin spectres of proficiency and deadlines, staff are left open to trying things. In an environment where everyone is learning, it is easy to build rapport and collaboration. These programs can also lead to the development of departmental projects and interdepartmental partnerships/communication.


Social Spaces, Community Building, Library Outreach

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How Creating Social Spaces in the Workplace Fosters Positive Outcomes