Stem-Cell, Shockwave, and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie's Disease: A Survey of Clinics Across the USA.

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OBJECTIVE: To identify clinics offering off-label therapies for erectile dysfunction (ED) and Peyronie's disease (Pyd) including stem cell, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and shockwave therapy and to determine the transparency they provided to patients inquiring about these treatment modalities.

METHODS: Clinics were identified in different regions in the US using a systematic search on online website directories and were approached by asking a series of standardized questions regarding the cost of treatment, duration of therapy, the medical staff involved, and patient outcome data. A total of 26 clinics were surveyed for stem cell therapy, 26 for PRP treatment, and 27 for shockwave therapy.

RESULTS: Of the 79 clinics contacted, 93.7% provided some answers to the questions we asked, with a majority offering treatments for both ED and Pyd. The cost of treatment varied widely between clinics. The average cost per stem cell therapy injection was $5291, PRP per injection was $1336, and shockwave therapy per session was $413. A physician was involved in 67% of treatments, and only 6 of 79 clinics reported that a urologist was involved. Over 75% of the clinics reported patient satisfaction following treatment. Durability of benefits to patients ranged from months to years according to the clinics' reports.

CONCLUSION: Our data not only demonstrate the widespread use of off-label therapies for ED and PyD across the United States but also the lack of scientific data to support the claims made to patients. This study highlights the need for more oversight and standardization in novel regenerative therapies for ED and PyD.



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