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Being an Alumni of Nova Southeastern University is one honor that cannot be described in words alone...

From the moment I stepped foot off the campus as a new Doctor of Pharmacy, I have taken the industry on by surprise and surpassed many personal and professional goals. As a business owner, supervising staff in the oncology department at Sylvester Cancer Center in the University of Miami, consultant pharmacist in the long term and athletic industry, a public speaker on topics like Healthcare Industrialization and Innovation for venues like Johns Hopkins University, The Florida Concierge Conference, and The Biggest Loser TV show, I have come a very far way in a little bit of time. I credit a lot of my success to the establishment that has not only allowed me to better myself and my career, but also showed me a path to success by providing a great program that is constantly evolving to meet the industry demands of innovators. With any great program, there must be a great leader and NSU's Barry and Judy Silverman College of Pharmacy has the best. I appreciate every day and second I had the opportunity to be at Silverman College of Pharmacy. I look forward to paving ways for future doctors in this industry moving forward and hope I too can be a leader.

Student Title

Pharm.D., CPh.


Scott Kjelson, Pharm.D., CPh.
NSU's Barry and Judy Silverman College of Pharmacy, Graduating Class of 2014
CEO/Founder of Genobic
Pharm D. Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center
Longer Term Care Consultant Pharmacist
Public Speaker of Healthcare Industrialization and Motivation for our future
U.S. Navy Veteran