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Kiomary Rivera Quintana recently completed her second year of pharmacy school at Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy (SU-COP). Previously she pursued her undergraduate studies at University of Puerto Rico-Aguadilla Campus (UPRag) where she earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Biology with an emphasis in biomedicine. She was a member of the Honor Studies Program (HSP), in which she completed honor courses. During the four years she was an honor roll student and was also awarded a tuition honor scholarship for pertaining to the five percent highest grade point averages of the campus. Along with her academic accomplishments she developed her desire to serve the community and specialize in healthcare through her association with different organizations. As a member of the Ramey Leo Club, a juvenile group within the Lions Club International; the club “Maxima Sapientia” and the American Chemical Society (ACS) she experienced the importance of having a positive impact in the community. Furthermore, she worked as a tutor for middle-school and high-school students in subjects such as math, chemistry and writing. As a student pharmacist she hopes to establish inter-professional relationships, learn and benefit from peers and mentors. Her professional interests are related to hospital, community and psychiatric pharmacy settings. In the future she hopes to have the opportunity to travel more but return to Puerto Rico and continue her professional aspirations there.

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Robert Speth

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PHRE 5223- Drugs of Abuse