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Participation in a Co-Curricular Program Designed to Address CAPE Outcomes Domain 4

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Objectives: To evaluate student participation in a co-curricular program designed to address CAPE Outcomes-2013 Domain 4. Method: A Professional Development Checklist (PDC) was created using CAPE Outcomes subdomains of self-awareness, leadership, innovation/entrepreneurship, professionalism in addition to university stewardship to structure learning experiences available to students in the co-curricular program. Specific activities were assigned to each PDC category to provide students a guide for selecting experiences. P1 students from all campus were required to complete 6 co-curricular experiences; two required in Professionalism category, one in University Stewardship and three selected from any category. Participation in co-curricular activities was assessed using data collected from the PDC documentation form submitted at the end of 2016 fall semester. Participation rate was determined by counting the number of completed experiences within categories. Results: 191 students (110-Ft. Lauderdale, 28-Palm Beach, 53-San Juan) submitted completed forms. Collectively students completed 1147 co-curricular experiences, a mean of 6 experiences/student in 4 of 5 PDC categories. One hundred twelve students (59%) completed 6 activities, 36 (19%) completed more and 43 (22%) completed less. Forty-three percent of all experiences completed were in the Professionalism category followed by Self-awareness (20%), University Stewardship (19%), Leadership (15%), and Innovation/entrepreneurship (3%) categories. Attending a college sponsored event (99%), leadership training (85%), or attending a self-improvement seminar/event (64%) were the most frequently chosen elective experiences. Implications: Students appear to select easily achievable co-curricular activities. Encouraging new activities is enhanced by a PDC, but more stringent limitations are necessary to attract students to unfamiliar experiences.


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CAPE outcomes, co-curricular program participation, domain 4