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Student Experience with a Co-Curricular Program Designed to Enhance Personal and Professional Growth

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American Journal of Pharmacy Education





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Objectives: To assess student satisfaction of a structured co-curricular program designed to increase guidance in selecting experiences that foster personal and professional development. Method: A formal co-curricular program was developed that required students to complete a minimum of 7 co-curricular activities divided between 5 specific areas of professional growth. First-year pharmacy students completed an anonymous 17-item on-line questionnaire at the end of the first semester. A five-point Likert scale measured: the impact on personal/professional growth, the value of the experiences, the development of problem solving skills, the ability to work as a team member, interaction with other healthcare professionals and cultural awareness. Barriers to completing co-curricular experiences were also addressed. Results: One hundred ninety-nine students, 67.3% female, 31.7% male and 1% gender neutral completed the questionnaire (74% response rate). Eighty one percent of students found the experiences helped them grow as a person/professional; 73% found the co-curricular experiences to be of value; 60% reported that their ability to problem solve increased and 79% stated that their ability to work as part of a team improved. Eighty seven percent indicated co-curricular experiences allowed interaction with other healthcare professionals and 75% reported improved knowledge of individuals from other races/cultures. Academic obligations were the most common barrier to completing co-curricular experiences. Overall, 73% of students would complete co-curricular activities if not required. Implications: A co-curricular program structured to provide experiences focusing on personal/ professional growth is valued by students and promotes growth in these areas.


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co-curricular program, student experience, student growth