Collaboration or Cooperation and the Wisdom to Know the Difference


National League for Nursing


Washington, DC

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Collaboration is a fundamental idea repeatedly examined in health care practice. The value is well validated, yet true collaboration is rarely practiced. The literature on collaboration depicts what it should look like as an outcome; however not much is written regarding the developmental process of a pure academic-practice collaboration. Most academic practice partnerships are rooted in cooperative efforts and are not true collaborations. Incorporating the recommendations of the Institute of Medicine, Association of Nurse Executives and the NLN promoting academic-practice partnerships, in 2007 our nursing school developed a genuine collaborative and innovative partnership with a large urban hospital system to increase the number of nurses entering the field and to facilitate the student’s transition into practice. This partnership is unique in that it focuses on collaboration as both a process and an outcome, and is one of the very few that addresses the essential competencies for collaborative partnerships. This academic-practice partnership has resulted in the following outcomes: a) a decrease in direct patient care registered nurse turn-over rate; b)improved on-boarding process of new graduate nurses; and c)a seamless transition from nursing student to registered nurse. This presentation offers methods that address the ten key criteria essential for a true collaborative approach to develop academic practice partnerships.



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