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Undergraduate Project

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Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition (BSHN)

First Mentor

Dr Andrea Charvet; PHD, RDN

Second Mentor

Ioana Scripa


Brain, sugar, glucose, cognitive, children


The effects that high sugar intake has on cognitive function is an ongoing topic in research today. Although most studies point to a negative relationship between the variables, the evidence is not conclusive enough to be able to confirm its true effect. While evidence finds an association between high sugar intake and chronic diseases, its impact on cognitive function is yet to be determined. The purpose of this proposed research study is to examine how total sugar intake impacts the cognitive function in children. Fifty children, age 10, will be randomly chosen from schools in South Florida for a cross-sectional study. We will gather information by calculating dietary intake using 3-day dietary recall, cognitive screening tests, clinical measurements tests and by observing behaviors displayed. Results may show positive effects due to a greater energy supply to the brain, however, adverse effects, such as impaired memory, reduced cognitive function, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, and behavioral issues may also be seen. This may be the case as a high intake of sugar is known to be addictive and have detrimental effects on individuals. Potential confounding factors including age, environment, genetics, and pre-existing conditions will be controlled. More research is needed to understand the impact of sugar intake on cognitive function. Predicting the effects of sugar intake on cognition is complex and requires further research. This will help to create recommendations for guidelines related to intake quantity.