Department of Nutrition Student Projects

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Degree Name

Master of Nutrition Science (MS)

First Mentor

Janet Peterson, Dr.Ph., RDN, RCEP, WEMT, FACSM


Pharmacotherapy, Medication efficacy, Side effects, Long-term outcomes, Primary care interventions, Multidisciplinary care, Behavioral counseling, Nutritional guidance, Exercise prescription, Risk factors, Behavior modification, Health coaching, Lifestyle Medicine, Provider education, Clinical guidelines, Referral pathways


My Capstone project is an Educational Manual that emphasizes a healthcare team approach to the treatment and management of obesity. The Educational Manual consists of a standardized protocol in management of obesity in patients and a document with summarized references for primary care providers; and a simplified document for patient education. There is a growing interest in the usage of obesity medications. The purpose of my Capstone project is to provide a simplified manual for the primary care provider to reference to make knowledgeable and patient-centered decisions in the prescription of obesity medications and decisions in weight-management. My methodology included research into the background information necessary to complete the Education Manual, to include available obesity medications, their mechanisms of action, and their adverse effects. The Educational Manual was presented to dieticians and primary care providers to assess the application in the clinical setting and the accuracy of nutritional involvement in the project. Dietician feedback emphasized the importance of a nutritional approach to weight loss management. In conclusion, there is a necessity for a more standardized protocol for health care providers in the management of obesity.