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Study on Professional Outpatient Preventative Dentistry (POPD)

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Integrative Veterinary Care





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September 2013

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Introduction:Professional Outpatient Preventive Dentistry (POPD) is a relatively new idea, where an oral hygiene procedure, a periodontal exam and prophylaxis, is performed on cats and dogs without the use of general anesthesia. This pilot study aims to evaluate this procedure and whether it can be performed safely and thoroughly. Method: A double-blind study of 12 dogs and 12 cats, conveniently selected and divided by age group and history of anesthetic dental treatment, were used in the study. Subjects were treated with an experimental intervention (POPD) by a trained Pet Dental Services (PDS) technician and subsequently examined under general anesthesia by a board-certified veterinary dentist (control). The examination consisted of inspection for any remaining subgingival calculus using compressed air, exposed full mouth radiographs and a complete oral exam. Parameters examined by both groups included recession, furcation, hyperplasia, resorption, missing teeth, supernumerary teeth, fractures/attrition/abrasion, and probing depths. Results: Results showed that the intervention and control were both able to identify the seven dental conditions, although intervention appeared to over-diagnose certain conditions. No residual plaque or calculus was detected on any of the dogs or cats, and a POPD was successfully completed on 100% of the patients with no post-treatment complications. Eighty-eight of patients had radiographic findings, with 50% of those having had an anesthetic dental procedure within 2 years of this study. Conclusion: In summary, the POPD was able to perform a complete prophylaxis, scaling supra- and sub-gingivally thoroughly and safely on all subjects. Although a POPD is NOT intended to be a substitute for anesthetic dentistry, it may prove to be a valuable supplemental treatment.


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