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Laser-based Flow Cytometric Analysis of Genotoxicity of Humans Exposed to Ionizing Radiation during the Chernobyl accident

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An analytical technique has been developed that allows laser-based flow cytometric measurement of the frequency of red blood cells that have lost allele-specific expression of a cell surface antigen due to genetic toxicity in bone marrow precursor cells. Previous studies demonstrated a correlation of such effects with the exposure of each individual to mutagenic phenomena, such as ionizing radiation, and the effects can persist for the lifetime of each individual. During the emergency response to the nuclear power plant accidert at Chemobyl, Ukraine, USSR, a number of people were exposed to whole body doses of ioniing radiation. Some of these individuals were tested with this laser-based assay and found to express a dose-dependent increase in the frequency of variant red blood cells that appears to be a persistent biological effect. This effect is similar to that which was previously observed in individuals who were exposed to ionizing radiation at Hiroshima in 1945 because of the A-bomb explosion. All data indicate that this assay might well be used as a biodosimeter to estimate radiation dose and also as an element to be used for estimating the risk of each individual to develop cancer due to radiation exposure.


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