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Advancing primary care training in health care for the homeless


National Healthcare for the Homeless annual meeting


Kansas City, MO

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Project HOPE’s Homelessness in Pre-doctoral Osteopathic Education – responds to a curricular deficit in the education of medical students toward the health care needs of the homeless. Statistics on homelessness are widely under-reported; part of this educational effort is to expand acceptance of the federal definition of homelessness to also address the hidden homeless as evidence of “doublingup” and transience is increasing. Accordingly, attitudes and perceptions of homelessness by medical professionals do not permit for breadth in identifying, tracking, and providing appropriate access and care. This project works to educate healthcare professionals in training medical students to provide them with the knowledge and skills to become well prepared primary care practitioners both through didactic curriculum and applied practical experiences. A lecture and facilitated discussion of theory, research and practice is intended to engage a diverse participant audience


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