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Screening and intervention decisional aid for elder abuse


International Federation on Ageing, Global Conference on Ageing 2012


Prague, Czech Republic

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Taking Charge is a pan-Canadian project funded by the Government of Canada's New Horizons for Seniors Program in partnership with the Julius Richardson Foundation and the CSSS Cavendish (Cavendish Health and Social Services Center). The project includes a multidisciplinary team of researchers, practitioners, professionals in the legal and judiciary system as well as community organisations working to define and refine resources to raise awareness and increase knowledge on elder abuse. One of the four tools developed was the Screening and Risk Assessment Decisional Aid for Elder Abuse. This tool has been conceived for first responders to help evaluate risk and promote measures of prevention and/or protection from abuse which are least restrictive of autonomy to the individuals concerned. It was designed to help practitioners faced with a situation of abuse, to assess the level of risk and prioritize appropriate subsequent intervention. It provides a visual template for processing pertinent information according to risks and legal responsibility. Scenarios may vary in terms of urgency and the capacity to consent. The tool has been validated in a pilot project that generated feedback from the practitioners using it and allowed for modifications. This poster presentation will allow for the showcasing of the decisional aid and dissemination about its relevance for practitioners and usefulness as it can be adapted based upon the reality of other legal and ethnocultural practice settings.


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