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Honors Thesis


College of Psychology

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Farquhar Honors College Thesis

Honors College Dean

Andrea Nevins, Ph.D.

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Karen Grosby, Ed.D.

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William R. Kochen, Ph.D.

Faculty Advisor

Jason Gershman, Ph.D.


Many college students are regularly taking a full course load while simultaneously working a part-time job, studying for graduate school exams, and participating in school activities. With the growing demands inside and outside the classroom, students may find it difficult to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Generally, individuals with a sleep duration shorter than six hours report many negative effects such as depression, automobile accidents, and cardiovascular disease. The few existing studies that link sleep and academic focus do so by focusing on the effects of sleep deprivation. This study focused on investigating a potential relationship between various amounts of sleep and academic focus. Specifically, it attempted to determine if sleeping an excessive or minimal amount was related to academics. To test this, participants completed daily questionnaires over a period of 14 days to self-report their amount of sleep as well as their levels of academic focus. Following statistical analysis, we found that the data was not significant. This implies that the levels of academic focus in individuals are independent of the amount of sleep they regularly receive.

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