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Revised Sources of Guidance Measures: Six Events and Demographic Controls


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Unity, diversity and culture. Proceedings from the 22nd Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology

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In this paper, we update the country-level scores of sources of guidance reported in Peterson and Smith (2008) across 61 countries and based on 7,982 respondents. These scores represent aggregate tendencies of the use of specific sources of guidance in a country and provide an alternative to value-based cultural measures. Based on role and cognition theories, sources include how roles, rules and norms influence decision making in six frequent organizational events that managers encounter. Scores are controlled for demographic effects of respondents’ age and gender, as well as for organizational characteristics, namely ownership, department and organizational types. We also provide correlations between the sources of guidance scores and Hofstede’s, GLOBE’s, and Schwartz’s dimension scores.

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